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If you're planning to bring a group of colleagues together, we'll help make it engaging.

Use shareable content from our library or work with our speakers and facilitators to plan a session that works for you — whether tried and true or a new one just for your group.

These employee engagement services are available university-wide at no cost to your group.

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Each speaker and facilitator has unique expertise to bring to your group. To find the best fit for your group, learn more about them and the sessions they offer.


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Ann M. Bassoni, LCSW
Mental health
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Azetta Beatty, MS
Remote work
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Eric Wilkinson, MSW, LCSW
Mental health
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Kim Releford, LCSW
Mental health

Training and development

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Chuck Paskovics
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Kimberly Heersche
mkos222's picture
Mallory Griffith
maun222's picture
Mark Underwood
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Robert Hays
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Tommy Leach

Sessions for building employee engagement

These are all the sessions we’ve successfully delivered to groups across the university — on site and over Zoom.

Choose from a range of topics, from mental health to technology. You’ll also find a variety of formats. We offer hands-on experiences, workshops to learn and apply new concepts, and presentations that quickly and effectively share knowledge.

Reframing in Times of Stress: Strategies to Change Your Thinking

​When facing potential stressors, the way we view what we're experiencing can exacerbate our stress — or minimize it.

Mental health Presentation
Remote Work and Caregiving

This presentation will highlight some challenges and solutions that come with remote work as well as offer tips for managing caregiver responsibilities while working remotely.

Caregiving Change Interpersonal skills Presentation
Resilient Relationships Resilient Relationships

Interpersonal skills Mental health Presentation
Retirement: More than Financial Security

This discussion will focus on planning for your emotional well-being during retirement and how to prepare for this.

Mental health Presentation
Self-Care Strategies

Learn 7 practical tips for supporting psychological and emotional health.

Mental health Self-care Presentation
Self-Care. In Place.

Find ways to incorporate self-care into daily life.

Change Mental health Self-care Presentation
Simple Tips for Eating Well

Learn how to cut through the nutritional noise and build a fabulous and fad-free healthful plate.

Physical health Self-care Presentation
Staying Connected When Working Remotely

Learn what you as a supervisor can do to manage your team from a distance to ensure inclusion, engagement with work and social connection.

Change Interpersonal skills Leadership Mental health Supervising Presentation
Stress Management for First Responders

If you're a medical, law enforcement, social worker or other first responder, we'll discuss ways to manage this unique stress.

Mental health Presentation
Striking a Balance to Support All Employees from a Distance

Learn how to support all your employees when working remotely with intentional check-ins, engagement, inclusion and adjustments.

Change Interpersonal skills Supervising Presentation

Design your own session

Interested in planning a unique session for your group? We offer consulting for:

  • Team retreats

  • Faculty events

  • Staff training

  • Group orientations

  • And more!

We'll work together to design a session with you based on your group's needs.

Shareable content

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