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You play an important role in supporting the university’s mission and your team’s development and well-being. Thank you for everything you do — we know you do so much.

That’s why we organized many useful resources for supervisors, from the latest news to the basics about how the university works, here in one place. Plus, you'll find tools to make it easier to take action in the areas that matter most to you and your team.

New UK supervisors

Congratulations on your new role at UK as a supervisor!

Get started with our required SuperVision training. Also check out our tools for hiring, onboarding and employee engagement — and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest.

SuperVision training
Tools for hiring, onboarding and engagement

On-site or remote?

Supervising can look different when you’re working from home, or on campus or a UK office. We created these resources just for you.

Work Anywhere website
News for on-site supervisors
News for remote supervisors



October 14, 2020 Two ways for employees to get a free flu shot

You and your team can receive a free flu shot at on-campus clinics through October 30, 2020. UK health insurance members get free flu shots from any pharmacy at any time.

July 31, 2020 UK Temporary Remote Playbooks for Supervisors and Employees

As remote work remains an important public health strategy during the pandemic and our Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, we created a go-to guide to help you sustain working from home.

October 17, 2019 College expands flexible work by launching remote work guidelines

"It's important to me that my team members feel like they have control in how they accomplish their work."

Email newsletter Supervisor Solutions

Supervisor Solutions is a monthly newsletter designed to provide vital, timely information to help you succeed in your role as a supervisor at the university.

University SuperVision

Required training

15 training topics

When you begin a position at UK with supervisory responsibilities, we'll assign you to complete SuperVision. SuperVision offers a nearly all-online track, or you may choose to complete some in person and some online.

Register for each course separately on these topics:
- Compensation
- Diversity
- Performance evaluation
- Safe workplace
- Managing teams
- Hiring and interviewing
- Delegation
- Personality differences
- Americans with Disabilities Act
- Discrimination and harassment
- Corrective action
- Coaching and development
- Policies and procedures
- University overview
- Supervisor Toolkit

All 15 SuperVison topics should be completed within 180 days of hire date or position update in SAP.

Start SuperVision when assigned

You’ll receive an email with these steps:
1. Log in to myUK, access myUK Learning and then click Learning.
2. Click View Program in your My Learning Assignments.
3. Launch a web-based training on demand by clicking the course title.
4. To attend a scheduled classroom or virtual session, click Register Now to see delivery dates and times.

Take a SuperVision course anytime

Whether you need a refresher or aren't required to take it, here’s how to access SuperVision:
1. Log in to myUK, access myUK Learning and then click Learning.
2. Locate the Find Learning tile and then click Browse all courses.
3. On the Catalog screen, click Browse by Topics and select Human Resources by clicking on the right-facing arrow. Then click on the right-facing arrow for the Training and Development option. Click on University SuperVision.
4. Book the courses individually and keep in mind only the courses with SV in the title to satisfy the training requirement for University SuperVision.

What to know about the university

Our staff handbook covers everything you need to know about the university when you join us. You may need to reference the handbook and especially these topics relevant to supervisors.

Regulation, policy and procedures

The regulation and policy library serves as the official repository of all university-wide Governing and Administrative Regulations, and provides links to other university policy.

Performance evaluation

Know your role in this university-wide process.

Annual performance evaluations promote a job well done and facilitates our university’s mission, vision and values.

Learning and education

You have many learning opportunities available to you and your team members.

Mission, vision and values

Is your team aligned?

Learn about the vision, mission and values for the university as a starting point for your team to develop your own.


Do you know what to do in case of an emergency?

Get information on employee health and safety, UKAlert, and emergency management procedures.

Tools to help you

We offer tools to make it easier to hire and onboard employees as well as support their engagement.


As a supervisor, you may also act as a hiring official to expand your team.

Hiring faculty
Hiring staff
Hiring STEPS temporary employees
Hiring students

Hiring enhancement tools

Use any of these 28 tools to make the entire process easier for you — and more appealing to the right applicant.

You’ll find technical tips to post a position, interview guides, offer letter templates and even benefits calculators to share with candidates.

Integrated Employment System IES

Our system streamlines the entire hiring process so position creation and management, job postings and salary approvals are in one place.

Hiring official login
New user? Request account


Welcoming a new team member starts before their first day and extends beyond it.

Onboarding timeline tools

These checklists cover all major milestones, before and after day 1 and year 1, for successful onboarding.

Find recommendations for pre-first day, day 1, 30, 60, 90 and even the first year. Our online staff handbook serves as a reference and reminder of new employee orientation — for you and your new employee.

100% online University New Employee Orientation

All employees in regular staff positions .5 FTE and greater, and all WEPP positions, must complete orientation within 30 calendar days.

As a supervisor, it’s critical you enter new employees in SAP prior to their first day. This triggers a welcome email about orientation sent to your new employee on their first day (you'll be copied on it).

Our online staff handbook serves as a reference and reminder of new employee orientation — for you and your new employee.

Support employee engagement

Learn how we approach these topics and discover tips to make it easier to show your support.

Work culture


We appreciate employees for who they are as people.


We recognize employees by celebrating what they do — their work contributions, milestones and achievements.

Support of Supervisors

A podcast and video series about supporting yourself and your team.

Work-life considerations


In the U.S., one out of every six employees provides care for an older loved one.


Make time for yourself and encourage your team members to do the same.

Mental health

Mental illness awareness

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness.

Suicide prevention

Suicide is the most preventable death and any positive action may save a life.

For groups Bring in a speaker or facilitator

If you're planning a meeting, retreat or other event, we'll help you make it engaging. We deliver workshops, presentations and experiences on a range of topics including:

  • Caregiving
  • Change
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Mental and physical health
  • Productivity
  • Self-care
  • Supervising
  • Technology
Choose from any of the sessions we've already delivered successfully across the university, or we'll work with you to design a new session specific to your group.