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We offer professional development training to all UK employees interested in lifelong learning – by doing.

These trainings are experiential opportunities to strengthen job performance, build leadership capabilities, and grow personally and professionally throughout your tenure at the university. This is one way our training team develops and retains the University's talent.

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Communications Effective Business Writing

Using clear, concise, and professional communication is essential to effective business writing.

Creative Problem-Solving Using Time Wisely

Learn how to be more productive and get the satisfaction of checking off items on your to-do list.

Interpersonal Skills Identify and Address Workplace Bullying

Learn about what bullying is, what it is not, and how it is addressed in Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Teamwork Meeting Focus

Meetings can get a bad reputation when they're not effective – make your meetings enhance productivity.

Health and Safety COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices

10 min. course | Simple solutions for social distancing, self-care, and workplace cleaning during COVID-19 response.

Remote Work

Evaluating Remote Workers' Performance

We share strategies and best practices for coaching employees, providing feedback and evaluating the performance of your remote workers.

Implementing a Hybrid Work Culture

Hybrid teams operate between multiple locations – where some employees work remotely, some work onsite, or they may do both.

Leading Virtual Meetings

10 min. course | Learn techniques to help facilitate effective virtual meetings so that your team will stay more engaged, resulting in successful goals and objectives.

Managing a Hybrid Team

​Managing a high-performing team is vital to the success of your department and the university – whether it be a fully onsite, fully remote, or hybrid team.

Managing Performance in a Hybrid Workplace

When leading any team, and particularly a hybrid team, managing performance is critical to the success of your department and the mission of the university.

Managing Remote Workers

Tips on how managers can better support remote employees.

We can do even more! Request a facilitator for your group

In addition to the scheduled courses listed below, we can create a session that works for you and your colleagues.

We offer consulting for:

  • Team retreats
  • Faculty events
  • Staff training
  • Group orientations
  • And more!

We'll work together to design a session with you based on your group's needs.

Our facilitators can also present any of our available courses by request for your group.

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Instructor-led courses


Communicating Across Cultures

Becoming more aware of our cultural differences and similarities will help us communicate with each other more effectively.

Communicating With Success

Learn communication skills to help you drive effective decision making, teamwork and action.

Personality Differences

Explore what personality differences mean and how to turn stress and irritations into understanding and productivity.

Presentation Practice

This workshop provides the opportunity to put into practice what was learned in Presentation Principles.

Presentation Principles

This workshop is designed for the professional who occasionally, or frequently, makes presentations.


From Deciding to Doing

Learn how to think critically about your goals and how you can prepare, so that any goal is within reach

Group Problem Solving

Explore an in-depth and inclusive approach to problem solving.

Liberating Structures

Learn how to choose and facilitate methods for engaging everyone, at all levels, to contribute.

Thinking Critically

Learn how creativity connects to critical thinking and how to use both to identify and solve root problems.


Building a Climate of Trust

Learn your role as a supervisor or leader in developing a trusting workplace environment and strategies to make it happen.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Learn about emotional intelligence, how you can increase it and use it, especially when facing challenges.


Basics of Leadership

We'll explore the topic conceptually and practically to become the best leader each of us can be.

Coaching and Feedback

Uncover talent, strengthen your team, and positively and constructively guide employees.

Leading Effective Teams

Learn positive steps you can take to create an empowering climate and influence your team to succeed.

What to Do About Bad Attitude Behaviors

Learn how you can contribute to reducing bad attitude behaviors in your work area.

PROFESSIONALISM Developing a Winning Image

Learn how to build your personal brand, grow and nurture your network and more.

Resolving Conflict Managing Staff Conflict

Learn how to diagnose conflict issues, identify the three stages of conflict and apply five conflict management strategies.

Teamwork Teamwork in a Changing Workplace

Explore just why working together as a team is so important to the success of the university as well as your personal success.

Customer Service Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Learn what exceptional customer service is and why it matters, and then develop an action plan.

Facilitating Change Facing the Challenge of Change

Discover your personal change style and better understand resilience and coping strategies for nonstop change.


Basics of Diversity

Learn about all the dimensions in which individuals are different and how to create an environment that encourages appreciation of diversity instead of biases.

Generations in the Workplace

Learn how each generation defines success and investigate the differences that impact communication and relationships in the work environment.