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Health plan options for employees

We offer employees six plan designs with different options to offer you flexibility in terms of where you live and your provider network.

All employees with an assignment of 0.20 FTE or greater can enroll in a health insurance plan — costs are automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Retirees, before you turn 65, you have the same health insurance options as employees. Once you enroll in Medicare through the government at age 65, you’re eligible for our UK health insurance which supplements Medicare. It's called Medicare Advantage.


High-deductible health insurance with a health savings account


No-deductible health insurance for Central Kentuckians who use UK HealthCare


Low-deductible health insurance with more provider options


No-deductible health insurance for Kentuckians who live in outlying counties


No-deductible health insurance with more provider options


For people who live more than 120 days in rural areas or abroad

All six plan options include


 Access to a primary care doctor, specialists and emergency care. Costs and savings vary by plan.

Additional benefits and options for care

Consult with a pharmacist

Talk to an advocate who will help ensure you get the lowest cost and uninterrupted prescriptions.

Mental telehealth from LiveHealth

Currently $0 co-pay

Conduct a video visit with a professional for therapy and medication prescriptions.

Options for receiving care

No matter which health insurance plan you choose, you’ll always pay less when you choose to see a UK HealthCare provider. 


If you have a UK health insurance plan, you are automatically enrolled in prescription coverage

Flexible spending accounts (FSA)

Set aside money tax free to pay for planned health, child and dependent care expenses.

Additional Benefits

See a comprehensive list of other benefits available for employees with a UK health insurance plan.

Anthem administers all health plans

UK is self-insured but contracts with Anthem to administer our employee health insurance plans. Our Medicare Advantage plan for retirees is administered by UnitedHealthcare. 

Anthem login

View your claims, make a payment or learn more about your health insurance plan.

Find a provider

Find a provider that is part of the network for your health insurance plan. All UK HealthCare providers are included in the Anthem network.

Employee benefits

Regular, full-time employees with an assignment of at least 0.75 FTE are eligible to receive the UK contribution toward the cost of health insurance.

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The next open enrollment period will begin in April 2024.