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We offer technology and software training to all UK employees interested in lifelong learning – by doing.

Guided by an instructor, you'll get hands-on practice to learn new digital skills. All training experiences are designed to enhance the contributions technological advancements make to your work, your department and the University, to show you strategies and solutions for doing your job more successfully, to enable you to meet and engage with colleagues, and to provide ways to assist you as you advance professionally.

All technology trainings:

General Computer

Basic Computer Skills Workshop This workshop is designed for individuals who have little or no computer experience and want to improve their skills.


Access: Introduction Get an introduction to Access to understand its benefits and perform basic tasks including entering data and running queries.
Access: Forms and Reports Learn how to create and modify forms and reports in Access.
Access: Queries Learn about the different types of queries in Access and how to use them.


Outlook: Introduction Learn the tools that you need to navigate the Outlook screen, work effectively with e-mail and manage your contact information.
Outlook: Managing Email Effectively Learn how to tame your email inbox with organizational tools such as search folders, follow-up flags, color categories, quick steps and rules.
Outlook: Calendar Features Learn how to customize your calendar and how to create appointments and meetings, invite meeting participants, and share calendars.


PowerPoint: Graphics and Animation Learn how to use various graphic types, insert shape objects, create unique graphics by modifying images, apply animation to slide objects and animate objects with motion paths.
PowerPoint: Introduction Learn how to navigate the PowerPoint interface, insert slides, add basic content to slides, use the Slide Master, and present your completed slideshow.
PowerPoint: Engaging Presentations Learn how to develop multiple slide masters, save a custom presentation theme, effectively use transitions, add and modify SmartArt and use action buttons to create non-linear presentations.


Excel: Charts and Graphs Learn how to create a variety of charts and save them.
Excel: Functions and Filters Learn how to use relative and absolute references, build formulas, work with Excel Functions, apply sorting and filtering tools and use conditional formatting.
Excel: Introduction Learn how to organize, format, and calculate data with formulas in a spreadsheet.
Excel: Pivot Tables Learn how to use this powerful tool to dynamically analyze Excel data sets.
Excel: Data Tools and Time Savers Explore useful tools to combine, separate, or extract data in a spreadsheet, look up data from another spreadsheet, protect your Excel worksheets and create Macros to automate repetitive tasks.


Word: Introduction Learn the basics of navigating through documents, as well as selecting, moving and formatting text, check spelling and grammar, utilize AutoCorrect features and insert a picture into a document.
Word: Beyond Basic Documents Learn how to easily manage longer documents with section breaks and style formatting.


Acrobat Pro: Introduction Get started with Adobe Acrobat Professional to begin working with and creating Acrobat documents.
Acrobat Pro: Forms and Security Learn the skills needed to create useful Acrobat forms from existing paper or electronic documents, as well as how to create and apply security policies.


Captivate: Advanced Interactions This Captivate workshop is designed for both new users as well as experienced Captivate users.
Captivate: Enhancing Your Project Now that you have a basic understanding of Adobe Captivate, it's time to add more creativity and functionality to your project.
Captivate: Introduction Learn how to create a professional quality web-based tutorial that goes beyond screen capture.


InDesign: Introduction This workshop will introduce you to the InDesign user interface and show you how to work with text, images, and styles in a basic layout.


Photoshop: Marketing Material Design This workshop covers several techniques that can be used to create innovative, high quality marketing materials such as flyers, handouts and business cards.
Photoshop: Editing Techniques, Effects and Filters Learn advanced features such as various masking techniques, add special effects using layer styles, and edit photos with filters and adjustments.
Photoshop: Introduction Learn about the program interface and its basic image editing features.


OneNote: Introduction Learn how to use this digital notebook that provides a flexible way to gather information and helps teams work together more effectively.


Illustrator: Introduction Learn how to use the Illustrator workspace to create and edit basic vector graphics.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro: Introduction This introduction to video editing software will show you how to set up a project, import videos, and arrange them on a timeline to produce a basic video composition.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams: Overview Learn how this collaboration tool can help improve communication and enhance productivity
Microsoft 365: Overview This overview covers the basics of logging into Office 365 and navigating through the different online apps such as Outlook, OneDrive, Word, and OneNote.