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3 years ago Working Parents Group - Back to School Expectations

TOPIC: Managing new Back to School expectations (children- parents anxiety)
SPEAKER: Rhonda Henry, CSW, Work-Life Therapist

2 years ago Work-life presentation on managing family and work

Managing family life and workload

1 year ago Working parents workshop on setting goals that matter

Here we go parents, welcoming another year. Are you ready? Do you set parenting and personal goals? Let’s talk about it.

2 years ago Working Parents Network Meeting: Meet Author Dr. Katie Penry, "Parenting Toddlers Workbook"

Guest Speaker: Join us to hear from book author, Dr. Katie Penry, “The Parenting Toddlers Workbook”

2 years ago Work-Life presentation on personal productivity hacks

The events of the past year have caused most adults to rethink personal productivity and work-life balance.

1 year ago Workshop on Celebrating Milestones of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Ever wonder what your child is supposed to do at a certain age?

2 years ago Working Parents Network Meeting: "When Kids Love Hard: Play & Conflict"

This workshop will focus on the importance of teaching your children how to manage conflicts during active play and use emotional intelligenc