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What do you need to do differently to engage your team now?

Traditional ways of connecting in the office, like popping in for a conversation, aren't possible now. Think creatively about what's possible now.

8 ways to manage and support a team while social distancing

  1. Reset expectations
  2. Communicate regularly and often
  3. Assign buddies or peer coaches for mutual support
  4. Watch for verbal and nonverbal cues of distress
  5. Model optimism; it's contagious
  6. Update even if no update; uncertainty fuels anxiety
  7. Support continued learning; share lessons learned
  8. Continually gauge stress and engagement levels

Read the article from Harvard Business Review: 8 Ways to Manage Your Team While Social Distancing

Supporting from a distance

  • See your opportunity to re-learn good leadership
  • Intentional check-ins
  • Creatively involve in advancing department goals
  • Acknowledge accomplishments of the team and individuals

Tips to prevent burnout

  • Maintain balance and well-being
  • Reach out to each member daily or often
  • Help them prioritize workload
  • Remind them to take breaks
  • Ask about life outside of work
  • Follow your own advice

Read the article from Thrive GlobalHow Managers Can Help Their Team Prevent Burnout During the Coronavirus Crisis

Support parents with a flexible work culture

  • Ask what they need
  • Flex instead of changing policies
  • Offer flexible hours for productivity
  • Make meetings shorter
  • Move deadlines to OOB (opening of business), not COB (close of business)
  • Commit to clear and individualized expectations
  • Remember parents are learning a new balancing act and have compassion

Remember how you support parents and all of your employees now may impact productivity and long-term engagement.