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awilliam's picture Azetta Beatty, MS
Work-Life Manager
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Work-Life and Well-Being
Scovell Hall
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What to consider when creating your new routine

Managing your workload

  • Consider capacity and set boundaries
  • Remember we work with people
  • Use technology
  • Adapt work duties and tasks
  • Keep a growth mindset


  • Consider mental load and take mental breaks
  • Barriers
  • Keep in mind what you can control

Connection with colleagues

  • Use technology
  • Remember unique circumstances
  • Be mindful of life and family
Ask yourself...

Reflect on these questions, especially as they relate to boundaries, schedule, character, relationships and organization skills.

  • What example am I setting?
  • Would I want to follow my example?
  • Is this how I’d want someone to treat me?
  • Is something hindering me from setting a good example?
  • Engage your team
  • Create a culture of trust
  • Stay organized
  • Listen with care for verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Overcommunicate and check-in often
  • Reprioritize and adjust to the current requests
  • Overcome obstacles and ask for help when needed
  • Take time to learn new tasks, skills and technology
  • Be accountable and follow through on promises
  • Set realistic goals and adjust as needed
  • Do not over commit
  • Admit mistakes quickly and make amends
  • Operate in grace and self-compassion