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It’s that time again. Bring on the holiday movies, music, shopping, time with family and friends, specialty drinks at your favorite coffee shop, home and store decorations and yes, time off of work for many of us. Unfortunately, we’d hoped we wouldn’t be reviewing CDC tips for safer ways to celebrate the holiday season again in 2021, but here we are. Even amid the ongoing pandemic, it’s a festive season, so let’s make it the best we can.

I’m an optimist by nature and tend to see the glass half full. I hope for the best even when times are tough. What about you? How do you see the world this holiday season? Do you celebrate a holiday? Do you shop the sales? Do you spend extra time with family and friends? Do you take a step back from work? Do you travel or stay home?

It’s OK if you are the person who sees the pandemic as reason enough to turn down some of the party invitations or friendly gatherings. Do you feel a sense of relief because you can limit the RSVP acceptances? Are you struggling to find a safe way to celebrate? It’s OK to embrace this season differently, because it is different. Maybe you feel some grief this season. Are you missing a loved one? Again, it is OK. Many find this season tough for a variety of reasons. You are not alone.

Some people are tired or overwhelmed. Others may seem cheerful and more optimistic this holiday season as we witness the world bounce back and ease out of this pandemic. While I don’t know how this pandemic has impacted your individual mental health, finances, relationships and more, I do know we are all in this together. We’ve all felt the impacts in some way, and I, like many others, look forward to when we can reflect on our experience and reminisce about how we moved through it. We share a common concern and a common desire to “move forward” with life and celebrate without masks or physical distancing. Fortunately, that day will come. Just hold on.

So, as we face another holiday to remember, take time to celebrate you and all that you have achieved this year. Focus on what you enjoy about the season and let gratitude lead you.
As you make travel plans this holiday season, check out these tips before you go. The CDC also offers these tips for making healthier food choices while traveling for the holidays. And, as always, take steps to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.