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2 years ago UK Prescription Benefit for Retirees

Not just employees, but eligible University of Kentucky retirees also receive prescription benefits coverage. Learn about how this coverage changes when you retire.

2 years ago Elder Care Lunch and Learn: What Elder Care Options Are Available?

What Elder Care Options Are Available? This is an age-old question.

2 years ago Working Parents Network Meeting: Meet Author Dr. Katie Penry, "Parenting Toddlers Workbook"

Guest Speaker: Join us to hear from book author, Dr. Katie Penry, “The Parenting Toddlers Workbook”

2 years ago Work-Life ROCKS! Virtual Series: Work & Family Harmony

R: Resilience, O: Optimism, C: Compassion, K: Knowledge, S: Self-Care

2 years ago Calm Mind, Calm Body

Did you know yoga can be as good for your mind as it is for your body?

2 years ago HR Training and Development Overview of Resources

Join us from anywhere online using this Zoom meeting room

2 years ago Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists

Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists & Work-Life Elder Care Specialist
Guests: UK Health & Wellness Health Coaches