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2 years ago For Supervisors: 4 Agreements for Thriving

22 min. watch | When things around us are changing, we can choose to manage ourselves in a way that keeps us thriving and dependable.

2 years ago For Supervisors: Generational Influences at Work

21 min. watch | There are five generations in the workforce, each with distinct core beliefs. Consider how to communicate with each to advance your relationships and lead your team.

2 years ago Gatha Meditation: An Anchor for Your Mind

7 min. watch | Learn how to link words to breathing in this seated meditation. Feel more open in the present moment.

2 years ago Elder Care Lunch and Learn: Forgetfulness

How do we know when our forgetfulness is just part of normal aging, an early indicator of dementia or a consequence of stress and anxiety? Dr. Erin Abner from UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging talks more about memory loss and its causes.

2 years ago For Supervisors: Your Mindset Matters

Supervisors, this live online meeting is an opportunity for you to connect with each other.

May 15 Strategies for Supervisors to Support the Working Caregiver

2 years ago Discovering and Living Your Values

10 min. watch | Grow resilience and sense of purpose.