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11 months ago Productivity Hacks and Work-Life Management

All of us need to routinely rethink personal productivity.

2 years ago Work-Life presentation on winter fitness tips

Dr. Carrie Davidson joins us to share winter fitness tips.

1 year ago Workshop on Parenting Children with Special Needs

This workshop will discuss the unique experience of parenting children with high or individualized support needs and share potential strategi

1 year ago Elder Care presentation on hard conversations: It’s time to talk

As our loved one’s age and show signs of needing extra support, having the hard conversation about these changes can be upsetting for both yo

8 months ago Work-Life Supportive Leaders panel

2 years ago Working parents presentation on teaching children about money

Guest speaker Nichole Huff joins us to share tips for teaching your children about money.

1 year ago Workshop on college funding: Financial aid, scholarships & UK tuition discounts

Are you a UK working parent trying to figure out how to plan and pay for college for your child(ren) (middle, high school or college