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2 years ago Working parents workshop on mental health and school success for children

Mental health matters for children.

1 year ago Workshop on college funding: Financial aid, scholarships & UK tuition discounts

Are you a UK working parent trying to figure out how to plan and pay for college for your child(ren) (middle, high school or college

6 months ago STEPS Employment - Post Retirement

A member of the STEPS office will conduct a short presentation on the advantages of continuing to work on a temporary basis.  The presentatio

2 years ago Workshop on Parenting in a Diverse World

Teaching children about diversity, equity, and inclusion can feel intimidating.

1 year ago Working parents workshop on balancing parenting styles and child rearing goals

Do you know your parenting style? How does it impact your child rearing and parenting goals? Is it effective? How do your children respond?

1 month ago Work-life workshop on using music to enhance your mental health

Music is an important but often underappreciated source of self-care and wellness. Embracing music in everyday life helps to inspire us, moti

3 years ago Work-Life presentation on managing spending leaks