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2 years ago Workshop on how to excel with a hybrid or remote work schedule

After an extended period of living in a world that was turned upside down by a pandemic, it might feel a bit surreal to try to figure out a n

8 months ago Workshop on managing grief and loss with children

Let's talk about what grief in children and teens might look like.

2 years ago Real talk roundtable on children and mental health

Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists
Featured topic: Children and Mental Health

1 year ago Workshop on the parent-grandparent partnership: How it can work for you

As parents, it can be a challenging to find time and resources to meet the ever-growing needs of our children.

2 months ago Elder presentation on future planning: Meeting your legal, financial and health care goals

Advanced planning means preparing for all future legal, financial and health care decisions.

2 years ago Elder care presentation on professional guardianship

Presenter: Amy Dougherty, Elder Law Attorney, Bluegrass ElderLaw

1 year ago Elder Care presentation on sensory systems and dementia

Overtime, our five senses - sight, hearing (including comprehension), touch, smell and taste – can change for a person living with dementia.