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1 year ago Workshop on Parenting in a Diverse World

Teaching children about diversity, equity, and inclusion can feel intimidating.

1 month ago Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and Support Strategies

This workshop is for anyone seeking to better understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

1 year ago Working parents presentation on family connections when life speeds up

Family Connections When Life Speeds Up
Presented by Work-Life Therapist, Eric Wilkinson

4 months ago Elder presentation on promoting medication adherence

Adhering to a medication schedule is important not only for your loved one’s safety but for their overall long-term health and well-being.

1 year ago Presentation on communicating effectively during hybrid and remote work

Communication is very important, no matter your work schedule or work style.

6 months ago Workshop on healthy meals in no time

With our busy lifestyles, it can feel nearly impossible to eat well.

2 years ago Working Parents Network Meeting: "Family Time All Day Long"

This workshop focuses on acknowledging that we are all spending a lot of time with family, yet we have to manage our moods, attitudes, self-c