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3 years ago Adapting Relationships During Social Distancing

Ideas for managing relationships throughout this pandemic and beyond.

2 years ago Real talk roundtable on children and mental health

Real Talk with Work-Life Therapists
Featured topic: Children and Mental Health

3 years ago Embracing "Good Enough" Choices

8 min. watch | Karen shares strategies for making "good enough" choices.

2 years ago Working parents workshop on mental health and school success for children

Mental health matters for children.

3 years ago Practicing Self-Care In Challenging Times

10 min. watch | Ways to adapt your self-care routine.

1 year ago Work-Life workshop series: Emotional Eating: What does stress have to do with it?

Finding comfort in food is common, and it is a part of a cycle called emotional eating.

3 years ago Why Can't We Get Along? Managing Conflict at Home

16 min. watch | Ways to navigate new issues, or the re-emergence of old arguments, safely and effectively.