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1 month ago Working parents workshop on managing stress when caring for children and older loved ones

October is National Work and Family Month!

1 year ago Workshop on Celebrating Milestones of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

Ever wonder what your child is supposed to do at a certain age?

1 year ago Workshop on Parenting Children with Special Needs

This workshop will discuss the unique experience of parenting children with high or individualized support needs and share potential strategi

3 years ago Working Parents Group - Back to School Expectations

TOPIC: Managing new Back to School expectations (children- parents anxiety)
SPEAKER: Rhonda Henry, CSW, Work-Life Therapist

1 year ago Workshop on Parenting in a Diverse World

Teaching children about diversity, equity, and inclusion can feel intimidating.

3 years ago Working Parents Network Meeting: Meet Author Dr. Katie Penry, "Parenting Toddlers Workbook"

Guest Speaker: Join us to hear from book author, Dr. Katie Penry, “The Parenting Toddlers Workbook”

1 year ago Workshop on Guilt-free Self-Care for Parents

Join us to pause and reflect on ways parents and anyone providing child care can care for themselves while caring for children.