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1 year ago Thriving Thursdays: Fitness self-care tips

Learn practical ways to keep moving and maintain good physical fitness whether you are working from home or on site.

3 years ago When Your Workout Routine Is Interrupted - What Now?

6 min. watch | Creative solutions for physical well-being at home.

3 years ago Exploring Different Workouts from Home

7 min. watch | Learn how to incorporate rhythm into your exercise routine.

3 years ago Loosen up: A short chair yoga routine

15 min. watch | Spending a little too much time in your chair lately or generally feeling stiff?

3 years ago Proper breathing during physical activity

8 min. watch | Review common breathing patterns for exercise and how to practice them.

3 years ago Work-Life presentation on winter fitness tips

Dr. Carrie Davidson joins us to share winter fitness tips.