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When it comes to lifelong learning, there is no time like the present.

Leadership training courses can help guide UK employees through team management, decision-making and other important professional skills. Remember: anyone can be a leader, even if they’re not in a supervisory position.

Here, you'll find a list of upcoming courses, as well as information about UK's various leadership workshops.


Basics of Leadership

We'll explore the topic conceptually and practically to become the best leader each of us can be.

Coaching and Feedback

Uncover talent, strengthen your team, and positively and constructively guide employees.

Leading Effective Teams

Learn positive steps you can take to create an empowering climate and influence your team to succeed.

What to Do About Bad Attitude Behaviors

Learn how you can contribute to reducing bad attitude behaviors in your work area.

More leadership programs

Essential Leader Program

For employees who want to become better leaders and learn key leadership skills.

Experienced Leader Academy

For experienced leaders who want to grow and develop existing skills.

Women's Executive Leadership Development Program

For mid-to senior-level employees in executive, administrative, or managerial positions and have demonstrated prior leadership skills.