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When you create your profile with Enrich, it understands your interests, knowledge and goals. Enrich will then recommend tips and tools personalized to you.

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40+ topics within money management, education and career development

Explore the Enrich library for tips on everything money: budgeting, emergency funds, investing, government support, taxes, student financial aid and loans, job benefits, insurance, entrepreneurship, extra income, networking, interviewing, salary, and more.

Whether you’re overcoming financial hardship, striving for financial independence or somewhere in between, Enrich has the information and access to experts you need to move forward.

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With recommended video tips, quick financial lessons and more, you’ll be able to tackle life’s financial challenges in no time — at any stage of life.

Early to mid career

  • Understanding paychecks and insurance
  • Home and car buying
  • Saving for education and repaying loans
  • Banking, debt and credit scores
  • Saving for goals including travel, wedding, family, retirement and more

Nearing retirement

  • Managing spending and savings
  • Retirement savings, investing and withdrawing income
  • Social security and economy
  • Consumer protection and identity theft
  • Family matters and estate planning

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Creating your profile is the first step to making personal finance personal. Enrich guides you through a short process and then recommends specific tools to help you move forward with your financial well-being.

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