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2 years ago Work-Life workshop on Building Resilient Relationships

This program will explore identifying and overcoming barriers and ruts in existing relationships with partners, friends, and family.

2 years ago Work-Life workshop on Reframing Stress at Work and in Life

We often find that stress in one part of our life negatively impacts other parts of our lives.

1 year ago Work-Life workshop on Self-care Strategies for Everyday Living

This workshop focuses on activities to help you peel back the onion of self, to listen deeply to what your heart needs, to bring yourself int

3 years ago Work-Life ROCKS! Virtual Series: Work & Family Harmony

R: Resilience, O: Optimism, C: Compassion, K: Knowledge, S: Self-Care

1 year ago Workshop on Choosing Your Self-Care Path

Many recognize the value of self-care but it can be difficult to put goals into action.

3 years ago Calm Mind, Calm Body

Did you know yoga can be as good for your mind as it is for your body?

1 year ago Thriving Thursdays: Fitness self-care tips

Learn practical ways to keep moving and maintain good physical fitness whether you are working from home or on site.