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2 years ago Work-Life presentation on working towards goals during uncertain times

Guest speaker Rhonda Henry, CSW, Work-Life Therapist presents: ”Springing Forward: Working on Goals During Uncertain Times.”

1 month ago Working parents workshop on managing stress when caring for children and older loved ones

October is National Work and Family Month!

2 years ago Work-Life presentation on feeling stretched too thin

Azetta Beatty, HR Manager, Office of Work-Life presents: "Feelieng Stretched Too Thin. Now What?"

1 month ago Workshop on self-compassion and saying “yes” to yourself

Saying “yes” to yourself can add more presence, grace and appreciation to your days, relationships, work, and dreams outside work.

2 years ago Work-Life presentation on music and the gift of presence

Music is an important (but often underappreciated) source of self-care and wellness.

2 years ago Presentation on communicating effectively during hybrid and remote work

Communication is very important, no matter your work schedule or work style.

2 years ago Workshop on how to excel with a hybrid or remote work schedule

After an extended period of living in a world that was turned upside down by a pandemic, it might feel a bit surreal to try to figure out a n