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A regular staff employee, who has successfully completed the new hire orientation period, may be authorized special leave from University employment for reasons other than those normally provided by Human Resources Policy and Procedure (HRP&P). The primary consideration for authorizing a special leave shall be that it serves the best interest of the University.


  1. Request for a special leave may include reasons such as

    1. Additional Education,
    2. Care of a relative in the immediate family,
    3. Attendance at a professional meeting, or
    4. Service temporarily with an outside agency.

      Note:  In accordance with Kentucky law, an employee may take up to six weeks of unpaid leave for the adoption of a child under the age of seven. There is no limit to the number of six week periods which may be granted for the adoption of additional children under the age of seven. However, leaves available under Family and Medical Leave must first be exhausted before applying for a special leave under this policy.
  2. The appropriate Executive Vice President or the Provost may grant special leave with pay for a period not to exceed 30 days for the purpose of permitting an employee to

    1. Attend a professional meeting,
    2. Serve temporarily with an outside agency, or
    3. For other good cause.
  3. Special leave with pay for more than 30 days must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  4. A faculty or staff member may be given a leave without pay with the approval of the President, Provost or appropriate Executive Vice President. Ordinarily this leave shall not be granted for a period of greater than one year. This leave may be extended on application and approval by the appropriate administrative officers. The best interest of the University shall be a major consideration in granting an extension of this leave.
  5. A department may approve a special leave without pay for up to a maximum of 10 days within a 12 month period.
  6. Special leaves shall be requested and approved prior to the leave being taken.
  7. Any applicable leaves shall be applied prior to the initiation of special leave.


The department head is responsible for receiving and evaluating requests for special leaves and forwarding these requests to the appropriate University official.

  1. The department head may recommend a special leave by contacting the Vice President of Human Resources and submitting the appropriate documentation.
  2.  The Vice President of Human Resources shall forward the request to the appropriate University Official for a decision.
  3. If the request for special leave is with pay for more than 30 days, and if it is approved by the President, the request shall be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  4. The department head shall notify the employee of the decision regarding the request for special leave.
  5. Upon beginning and return from a special leave, the department head shall submit a Payroll Authorization Record (PAR) indicating the type of special leave and information regarding vacation and/or temporary disability leave and other benefits, as applicable.