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Do you know how your retirement account is doing?

If you have any of our retirement savings plans, regardless of whether you receive our employer match, it’s important to stay informed about your account balance and investing options.

It’s easy to check your account balance online or by meeting with a retirement planner from Fidelity or TIAA who can help you understand options for investing and withdrawing your money.

Retirement savings plans

Matching 403(b) and voluntary ways to save with 403(b) and 457(b)
Your employer-sponsored retirement savings plans are designed to help you prepare financially for the future. All of our savings plans include the option to review your accounts and consult with Fidelity and TIAA at any time.

Contact your retirement savings carrier

Fidelity and TIAA are your two carrier options, and you can work with both.

1-800-642-7131 for appointments 1-800-343-0860 for general inquiries

(859) 224-6900 for appointments or 1-800-842-2776 for general inquiries

Answers to any questions about your retirement savings account

See if you have enough money to retire soon

Ask TIAA or Fidelity for a retirement income illustration

Your retirement savings account balance is one major source of income during these later-in-life years.

When you’re close to retirement, ask for a retirement income illustration so you can compare income choices based on your total account balance. TIAA or Fidelity will give you a report that helps answer these questions:

  • How much income can I receive from my retirement accounts?
  • What income choices are available to me?
  • What is the best way for me to withdraw my retirement assets while I am retired?

What to ask and when

  • Newly hired? Ask for an account setup and overview.
  • Ready to learn more? Ask about investment options and managing funds.
  • Retiring soon? Ask for a retirement income illustration when to learn how much you could withdraw each month.

Have a retirement savings account question? Two ways to get answers

1. Check your balance anytime online

Both Fidelity and TIAA provide online access to your accounts, including apps you can download.

Fidelity and TIAA online accounts

Both Fidelity and TIAA make it easy to access your employer-sponsored account balances online. First, you’ll create your account and then you’ll be able to log in any time. Consider downloading their apps, which include tools to help you plan.

2. Talk to a retirement savings planner about all your questions

Make an appointment for an in-person or online consult to see if you’re on track at any age, or to request a retirement income illustration if retirement is closer.

Savings consultations with Fidelity or TIAA

On-campus and virtual appointments are available. At each stage of life, it’s a good idea to consult about your retirement savings. Fidelity and TIAA will be able to answer your questions about investment options, and they can help you set up your online account if you haven’t already.

Retirement savings benefits

Employer-sponsored retirement savings accounts with TIAA and Fidelity are available to most employees, and a 200% employer match is offered to those in a regular, full-time role.

Contact our office

Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(859) 257-9519 option 3
112 Scovell Hall