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We make these resources available to support you.

Mental health fact sheets

If you're seeking more information about general mental health, please use the following information from Mental Health for America.

Anxiety disorders sheet

Preview of fact sheet about anxiety from Mental Health for America

Most people experience feelings of anxiety before an important event such as a big exam, business presentation or first date, which is different from experiencing an anxiety disorder.

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Depression sheet

We Can't Talk about That at Work!: How to Talk about Race, Religion, Politics, and Other Polarizing Topics

Depression can occur to anyone, at any age, and to people of any race or ethnic group. Depression is never a "normal" part of life, no matter what your age, gender or health situation.

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Support sheet

We Can't Talk about That at Work!: How to Talk about Race, Religion, Politics, and Other Polarizing Topics

If you have a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, you are probably wondering what you can do to help. You can support their recovery process.

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Mental health screening tools

Taking a screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. The following screens are available via Mental Health America:

  • Depression Screen - for individuals who are feeling overwhelming sadness
  • Anxiety Screen - will help if you feel that worry and fear affect your day to day life
  • Bipolar Screen - for individuals who have mood swings - or unusual or extreme shifts in mood and energy
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Screen - for those who are bothered by a traumatic life event
  • Alcohol or Substance Use Screen - will help determine if your use of alcohol or drugs is an area to address
  • Youth Screen - for young people (age 11-17) who are concerned that their emotions, attention, or behaviors might be signs of a problem
  • Parent Screen - for parents of young people to determine if their child's emotions, attention, or behaviors might be signs of a problem
  • Psychosis Screen - for young people (age 12-35) who feel like their brain is playing tricks on them (seeing, hearing or believing things that don't seem real or quite right)

Free downloads

  • Relaxation downloads - Relaxation audio can help guide you to relax. List to audio downloads from a variety of categories.
  • Guided imagery downloads - Allows you to visualize and mentally practice positive changes and accomplishments.

Stress management apps and websites

  • Anthem emotional well-being resource - If you're on a UK health insurance plan, Anthem offers the digital tools you need to develop resilience, reduce stress and practice mindfulness.
  • Mind tools - This website teaches 64 skills that help you change your environment to reduce stress and relax when you're under pressure. 
  • - Simple tips to get stress in check and regain control of your life.
  • Stress Management Blog - This blog discusses common causes of stress and different ideas of managing stressors related to family, work, and being a student. 
  • 10 New Strategies for Stress Management - This article from Psychology Today details 10 of the best research-based strategies for managing stress. 
  • Pacifica - Daily tool based on cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation and wellness techniques. App available for iOS and Android. 
  • - Experience the life-changing benefits of mindfulness and meditation to bring clarity, joy, and peace to your daily life. App available for iOS and Android. 
  • Breathe2Relax - Learn about and use diaphragmatic breathing, which is proven to reduce stress. App available for iOS and Android. 
  • Headspace - Practice the basics of meditation and mindfulness with Take10, Headspace's free introductory series. Subscription required for longer and new meditations. App available for iOS and Android. 
  • Aromatherapy 101: Nourishment From Nature - Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits and continue to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Information was compiled by Amy Rodquist-Kodet, MA, CHWC, Health Coach for UK Health and Wellness. 
  • 6 Domains of Pleasurable Activities - 234 Pleasurable activities, organized into 6 categories.
Please note: Websites, downloads, and apps listed on this page are provided for informational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by UK Human Resources mental health therapists or the University of Kentucky.