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jscamp00's picture Jackie Campbell Carroll, MS, TTS, NBC-HWC, Nia White Belt, RYT 500, Koru
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Listen as new host Jackie Carroll, a health coach with UK HR Health and Wellness, leads you through a short meditation for dealing with difficult feelings. Each month, Jackie will guide you through a new meditation aimed at deepening the resilience practice offered by co-host Amy Rodquist-Kodet. 

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Introduction Jackie Carroll: [00:00:00] You're listening to Becoming Wildly Resilient, brought to you by the University of Kentucky Human Resources Health and Wellness. Join us as we explore tools, practices, meditations and conversations with members of the UK community. Together, we will discover how we can thrive at work, home and beyond. 

[Jackie Carroll] Let's practice dealing with difficult emotions using the ABC method and incorporating the actual practice of square breathing. 

So first, [00:01:00] the A for acknowledge. Acknowledge what you're feeling with curiosity. Maybe the feeling is afraid. If you could sit back and close your eyes and focus on your breathing and allow whatever the feeling is to bubble up. 

It may not be pleasant, but for right now, do your best not to fight it. 

And then, sitting comfortably, let's start the practice of breathing. Not trying to take away the feeling, we're just going to see how the body and mind responds. [00:02:00] So take an inhale with a count of four. Inhale for four, then hold for four, then exhale for four. Hold for four again, and then inhale for four, three, two, one and hold. 4, 3, 2, 1. And exhale. 4, 3, 2, 1. And hold for four, [00:03:00] three, two, one. Big inhale for one, two, three, four, and hold, one, two, three, four, and exhale, one, two, three, four. And just sit with your breathing. 

You can continue with that square breathing or just breathe your natural easy rhythm of breathing. Notice how it feels in your body. Notice what you are feeling. Just stay with your breathing. [00:04:00] Noticing what you notice without judgment. 

As you feel your next breath, maybe placing your hands on your heart as a gesture of kindness. And then ask yourself this question, What would be the easiest way to care for myself in this moment as I respond to that difficult feeling? This is where we choose. 

First, we acknowledge the difficult feeling. Then we breathe, holding the space. And then we choose how we want to respond. 

Allow yourself just [00:05:00] another minute or so to figure out what would be the easiest thing you could do, the smallest, tiniest thing to care for yourself in this moment. 

And as you feel your next breath arrive, taking your time, gently let your eyes blink open and pause. 

As you move through your day, stay curious. Keep asking yourself, is what I'm about to do, or choose, getting me closer to who I am, and who I want to be, or further away? 

Thank you for joining. Have a wonderful rest of your day, and take great care of yourself. 

Outro [Jackie Carroll]: Thank you for listening to Becoming Wildly Resilient. This podcast is brought to you by the University of [00:06:00] Kentucky Human Resources Health and Wellness. We offer a wide range of online and in-person services to support the well-being of UK employees, retirees and their spouses. You can find experts in mental health, personal resilience, nutrition and physical activity. 

We're ready to meet you where you are and address your unique needs. To learn more about the work-life and wellbeing services offered by UK Human Resources, visit You can also connect with us on social media and YouTube by searching at UKYwellness, or by email at