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HR Policy and Procedure #10: Staff Employment Revised April 30, 2010


The University strives to recruit and select the best qualified candidates to support the University’s vision and mission.

This commitment provides for equal opportunity in recruitment, appointment, promotion, payment, training, and other personnel practices without regard to race, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, color, creed religion, age (40 and above), political belief or national origin. The University does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of Vietnam-era veteran status, disabled veteran status or physical or mental disability in regard to any position for which the staff employee or employment applicant otherwise meets the minimum qualifications. The University does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because the individual is a smoker or nonsmoker, as long as the person complies with the University policy concerning smoking.


Non-faculty employees may be appointed by the President, the Provost, or by the appropriate hiring process coordinator.

  1. The Provost or the appropriate Executive Vice President is responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff personnel within their area. They may delegate selection to an appropriate hiring official.

  2. Human Resources provides administrative support for the staff recruitment function (including teaching staff) to departments, unless the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration delegates this function to a unit. In units with delegated responsibilities for recruiting, a designated hiring process coordinator shall maintain a file copy of advertisement(s), applications, interview contacts, salary determinations, job offers and affirmative action tracking.

  3. All appointments to grade levels 47 – 49 on campus, grade levels 12 – 13 in the Hospitals, and certain designated grade levels 00 shall be reported to the Board of Trustees.  Additionally, all positions which report directly to the President or are at level 50 or above on campus and grade level 14 or above in the Hospitals shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees, acting upon recommendation of the President. These appointments are also reported to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis.

  4. An employee is eligible for reasonable time off with pay for seeking a transfer within the University.

  5. To be eligible for transfer, an employee must have a full-time equivalency (FTE) of 0.5 or greater, have successfully completed new hire or transfer orientation and have been in his/her position for at least six months with a satisfactory work record.

    1. Under unusual circumstances the six months may be waived by the Human Resources Office of Employee Relations.

    2. The six months transfer policy is applicable to an employee terminating and being rehired for the purpose of circumventing this policy.

  6. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires employers to verify that each person is hired authorized to work in the United States.  Employees hired since November 7, 1986 are affected by the law.  It is the University's responsibility to ensure that the identity and the employment eligibility of all persons employed by the University have been reviewed and they are eligible for employment (see section 9 of this policy).

  7. Federal Executive Order 12989 requires employers who receive federal contracts to verify current and newly hired employees working on federal contracts containing the E-Verify clause through the E-Verify system.  This verification will be completed in addition to the form I-9.


  1. Employment Requisition

    1. The requisition(s) shall be completed electronically in the Online Employment System (OES) when a staff position is to be filled.

    2. Employment requisitions shall be submitted to the Human Resources Office of Employment (Employment Office) through OES.

    3. The requisition will be processed for posting and assigned to an employment specialist.

    4. The employment specialist shall initiate contact with the hiring process coordinator.

  2. Recruitment Action Plan

    1. The employment specialist shall collaborate with the hiring process coordinator to develop the Recruitment Action Plan, including but not limited to advertising, search methods, and screening.  During the development of a Recruitment Action Plan, the University's Business Plan, Affirmative Action Plan, and state and federal requirements shall be considered.

  3. Online Employment System (OES)

    1. The Employment Office shall be responsible for posting notices of job vacancies in accordance with the employment requisition. The notices of job vacancies shall be posted on the OES.

    2. After a posting period of a minimum of seven calendar days, an employment specialist may begin developing a referral pool of applications and attached resumes (if any) through the OES.

  4. Advertising

    1. As appropriate, advertising shall be coordinated by the Employment Office. Advertisements shall be in a standardized format and shall comply with state and federal laws and regulations. Advertisements shall contain an equal opportunity statement.  The following statement is recommended:  "The University of Kentucky is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from minorities and women."

    2. After the expiration of the advertised deadline, a referral pool of applications and attached resumes (if any) shall be compiled and sent by the employment specialist to the hiring process coordinator through the OES.

  5. Application Status

    1. Persons seeking a staff position shall have a current application on the OES in order to apply for any staff position.

  6. Applicant- An applicant is an individual who

    1. Submits an application through the OES,

    2. Is eligible for employment at the University of Kentucky,

    3. Meets the requirements of education and experience for the position, and

    4. Confirms an interest in the specific position within the posting period on the OES.

  7. Representative Pool

    1. The Employment Office shall determine if there is a representative pool of applicants.

    2. The pool shall be in accordance with equal opportunity and the University's Affirmative Action Plan.

  8. Screening and Referral of Applicants

    1. The Employment Office shall screen applicants based on the Recruitment Action Plan and refer

    2. individuals who meet or exceed the minimum requirements for the position and any additional screening criteria set by the hiring official to the hiring process coordinator.

    3. Hiring process coordinators shall indicate an interview status and shall select a reason (“Not Interviewed/Not Hired" or "Interviewed/Not Hired”) in the OES for not hiring each applicant.

  9. Recommendation

    1. The appointment shall be made upon the recommendation of the appropriate hiring process coordinator(s).

  10. Appointment

    1. Official notice of appointment for a staff position shall be made by the Employment Office.

  11. Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form)

    1. Procedure: The University requires all new hires to complete an I-9 form on or before the first day of employment. Timely completion on an I-9 form is a condition of employment. Non-US citizens are required to maintain a valid work authorization and provide updates in a timely manner. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in immediate termination of employment.

    2. Verification: The hiring department is responsible for informing all employees that they will not be permitted to work or be placed on payroll until an I-9 form has been completed. A Human Resources or other designated representative will be responsible for ensuring the documentation is proper and authentic and the I-9 form is completely accurate.

  12. E-Verify Verification

    1. Procedure: The University is required to complete an E-Verify screening within 30 days of a current employee’s assignment date to a federal contract containing the E-Verify clause or within 3 days of a new hire’s start date.  This verification requirement is  in addition to the I-9 form.

    2. Verification: The department receiving funding from a federal contract containing the E-Verify clause is responsible for informing current employees and new hires when an E-Verify screening needs to be completed.  A designated Human Resources representative will be responsible for completing the E-Verify screening. Additional information on E-Verify may be found at

The hiring department should instruct new employees to bring proper documentation when they report to complete the I-9 form. A list of approved documentation is detailed on the back of the I-9 form and can also be found at /hr/new-employees/i-9-form-documentation-requirements. Upon completion of all sections of the I-9, Human Resources or the designated representative shall give the employee the I-9 form and instruct the employee to return it to the hiring department along with attached documentation, if required. Upon receipt, the hiring department submits the I-9 form with the Payroll Authorization Record (PAR) to Compensation.

No employee will be permitted to work or receive a University paycheck unless a current, valid I-9 form has been completed in the presence of and with a Human Resources or other designated representative.

In the case of re-employment, the following conditions apply: If a US citizen is rehired at the University within one year of termination, the I-9 form on record remains valid. If it has been over one year since an employee was separated from the University, a new I-9 form must be completed for the former employee. A non-US citizen must complete an I-9 form every time the non-US citizen is reemployed at the University since his/her visa may have expired or the type of visa may have changed.

Employees hired prior to November 7, 1986 were not required to complete an I-9 form. However, if such an employee separates and returns to the University as a new hire, including retirees who return either through Human Resources Temporary Employment or a post-retirement assignment, an I-9 form must be completed for the employee.