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The University recognizes that former regular staff employees with a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.5 or greater may be recalled or rehired to a University position or may elect to reapply for University employment. Under certain conditions defined within this policy and within one year (365 days) from the date of separation, a recalled, rehired or reemployed employee shall have certain benefits reinstated to them.


  1. Recall

    ​An employee “laid off” shall be eligible for recall by the department. To be eligible for reinstatement, the recalled employee shall return to the same position within one year of the layoff date.

    1. If more than one employee has been laid off and a fewer number of positions are reactivated, the department shall consult with the Vice President of Human Resources, or designee, to determine the sequence of recall.
    2. If the recallable employee refuses the offer of employment, the employee shall no longer be eligible for recall.
  2. Rehire

    A rehired employee is an employee who was:

    1. Involuntarily separated from employment (exhaustion of funds, position eliminated, etc.),
    2. Separated not for cause,
    3. Not anticipated to be recalled,
    4. Separated in good standing, and who
    5. Returned to University employment to a position other than the position from which the employee was laid off.

  3. Reemployment

    A reemployed employee is an employee who upon leaving the University:

    1. Had at least two years of continuous employment and who
    2. Voluntarily left the University in good standing.

  4. Reinstatement of benefits for a recalled, rehired or reemployed employee shall be as follows:

    1. The balance of unused temporary disability leave at the date of separation from employment shall be restored, with no accrual added for the period of separation;
    2. The new service date is used for determining the accrual of vacation and eligibility of service awards, retirement eligibility and retirement vesting;
    3. For a recalled or reemployed employee, the new service date shall be determined by adjusting the original hire date of employment by the time the employee was not employed by the University. ​[Example: If the time period between the separation and the reemployment is four months, an original employment date of April 4, 1997 would be adjusted to August 4, 1997.]
    4. For a rehired employee, the new service date shall be determined by using their prior service date.
    5. The most recent reemployment date is used to determine eligibility for benefits such as long term disability coverage; and
    6. The employee may immediately enroll and be eligible to receive the University’s contribution toward retirement.
    7. The salary shall be determined in accordance with HRP&P 30.0 Compensation Administration.
    8. Benefits are restored based upon the original employment date. The period of time the employee was not employed by the University does not count toward eligibility or restoration of benefits, or toward time for credit for retirement and leave eligibility calculation.
    9. Eligibility for employee benefits is based on the original employment date and the employee’s new status, but with no reimbursement or back payment to the staff employee for the cost of these benefits during the period of separation.


Determination of the eligibility for reinstatement of benefits for a recalled, rehired, or reemployed employee is the responsibility of the Vice President of Human Resources, or designee.

  1. The Human Resources Office of Employment (Employment Office) shall determine the eligibility of a former employee to be reinstated as recalled, rehired or reemployed.

    1. The hiring department shall notify the Employment Office of the reactivation of a position from which an employee was laid off.
    2. The Employment Office shall notify the appropriate employee to be recalled.
  2. The department head or designee is responsible for activating the employee in the University’s centralized resource information system. 
  3. The Human Resources Office of Compensation shall verify and approve eligibility for reinstatement.
  4. The employing department shall reestablish leave records on the basis of the approved reinstatement.
  5. The employee is responsible for re-enrolling, within 30 days of employment, in the benefit programs such as life insurance, health care coverage and retirement.