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With the majority of school districts beginning the school year with virtual learning, we know child care remains a concern for many of you, so we want to provide some resources to help. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand you may have caregiving responsibilities you wouldn’t normally have during the workday. While we are continuing to encourage supervisors to adjust work schedules and offer remote work when possible, we know you may need additional support to continue to work and manage your child care responsibilities. 

The YMCA is offering full-day, licensed care at several locations in Lexington. The program will offer enrichment opportunities, educational support, social emotional learning and physical activity. Registration opened Wednesday, August 12 and is available through the YMCA site.  

The University is also exploring a continued partnership with the YMCA to offer an on-site ‘Y Academy’ for UK HealthCare employees and those who, due to the nature of their work, are unable to work remotely. We will communicate an update as soon as we can. UK HealthCare employees can also find information on the COVID-19 Information page.  

We have heard from employees who have found success with shared child care networks in their neighborhoods or seeking help of family and friends to provide in-home care. Care sharing tools such as Lotsa Helping Hands can help with coordinating care among households. 

We also know HR’s Big Blue Family Care has been and remains a great resource to find a UK student who can help with child care or tutoring. You can request a student for just your household or join with other families and find a student who can support your collective child care needs. 

More information is available on our HR Resources for Parents web page. If you have questions or other suggestions for supporting parents, please email Azetta Beatty, HR Work-Life manager.