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The University of Kentucky is committed to supporting lactation and to providing private accessible space for those who need it, including employees.

Lactation rooms remain open

As the university continues through the reopening phases, lactation rooms have and will remain open and users will have to follow new health protocols for COVID-19.

The guidelines from Environmental Health and Safety include these safety measures: 

Single user spaces

All rooms will now be single-user spaces. Even rooms designed for multiple users will be single-use until the university moves into a later stage of reopening.

Cleaning supplies and scheduling

Room owners, representatives and facilities teams will ensure rooms are cleaned and stocked with the necessary supplies. Room owners will determine if a scheduling system is needed.

Additionally, the guidelines call for continued hand hygiene, isolation of people with symptoms and careful attention to cleaning surfaces.

COVID-19 Guidelines for UK Lactation Spaces

Lactation spaces at UK