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Start by focusing on these three areas: Smart Shoes, Smart Steps and Smart Routes.

Have questions about University emergency delays or closures? Or about whether you are a designated Plan B employee? Click here for details.

Smart Shoes

One of the best ways to prevent a slip or fall starts even before you leave for work. Your choice of footwear can make a big difference. Shoes that seem like great choices for your job on a normal day often are NOT the best choice for snow and ice.

Choose snow boots, hiking boots or shoes with textured soles.

Avoid high heels or dress shoes.

Bonus tip! Use slip-on ice cleats (products like “YakTrax”). Many of these products are easier to put on and remove than ever before, and take up very little room in a bag or under your desk. If you do use a product like this, please remember to remove them before walking indoors (they can damage some floors). From a safety standpoint, products like these are well worth the investment.

Smart Steps

Taking smart steps starts the moment we park the car or leave the bus – really, even from the time we walk out our front door. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind as you take each step:


  • Test areas before you step.
  • Shuffle flat footed.
  • Take short steps and walk at a slower pace.
  • Keep your hands clear and out of pockets for balance (and to break your fall, if needed).
  • Stay on cleared paths if possible and avoid icy patches.


  • Stay on mats or carpeted surfaces, if possible.
  • Kick off ice, snow, and salt on mats.
  • Be very cautious when stepping from one surface to another. For example, when moving from mat to tile, carpet to wood and so on.
  • Watch for wet areas.

Bottom line: Slow down and give yourself time to prepare for that next step. Even with these tips, we realize some falls are unavoidable. For those circumstances, consider these tips to help you fall in a way that helps minimizes the risk of serious injury.

Smart Routes

What you may not know is that UK Facilities Management has a priority snow clearing plan based on the volume of walking traffic across campus. Being aware of these WalkSafe sidewalk snow plans can help you to pick the smartest route from the parking lot or bus stop right up to the clearest entrance(s) to your building [Some entrances are cleared before others, so it may be worth using a different entrance on snowy days].

Click on the appropriate sidewalk snow plan route link below to learn more. Note: WalkSafe pathways in blue are your best bet for a safe walk to work.

Route #1 - Chandler Hospital

Includes Patient Care Facility, Ag North, Garrigus Building and Parking Structure #1, among others

Route #2 - Chandler Hospital (cont.)

Includes Pavilion H, Markey Cancer Center, Kelley Hall and other structures

Route #3 - Kentucky Clinic/College of Nursing area

Includes Kentucky Clinic, College of Nursing, BBSRB, College of Pharmacy and others

Route #4 - Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital and surrounding walkways

Route #5 - South Campus

Includes Memorial Coliseum, Joe Craft Center, Jewell Hall, Blazer Hall, Marksbury and Hardymon buildings and others

Route #6 - Central Campus

Includes Student Center, Barker Hall, Singletary Center and Stuckert Career Center, Chem-Phys, M.I. King Library and others

Route #7 - Classroom Building/Patterson Office Tower area

Includes Patterson Office Tower, Classroom Building, Anderson Building, Gatton College of Business and Economics, Engineering complex and many others

Route #8 - Education and Art areas

Includes Peterson Building, Taylor Education Building, Art and Visual Studies Building and others

Route #9 - West Campus

Includes Bosworth Hall, Sanders Hall and others

Route #10 - Central Campus area

Includes Boone Center, Funkhouse Building, Mining & Minerals Building, Scovell Hall, Parking Structure #2 and others

Route #11 - W.T. Young Library area

OIncludes W.T. Young Library, fraternity/sorority residences and others

Route #12 - South Campus residential area

Includes The 90, Central Hall, Lyman T. Johnson Hall, Woodland Glen, Kirwan-Blanding complex and others

Route #13 - Johnson Center area

Seaton Center, Johnson Center, Parking Structure #7 and others

Route #14 - South Campus area

Includes Barnhart Building, Gluck Equine Center, other areas

Route #15 - Commonwealth Stadium area

Commonwealth Stadium and BCTCS area

Help Us Promote Winter Weather Safety in Your Area

Thanks for taking time to review our WalkSafe smart choices. Please consider promoting winter weather safety in your area by displaying this WalkSafe flier in your work area (or breakroom).