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How UK employees are affected by any weather-related opening delays or closures:

Though "Plan B" scheduling changes occur relatively infrequently, typically in the wake of severe weather, it is important that employees and departments be aware of reponsibilities and processes related to unexpected delays or closures.

IN GENERAL, UK'S POLICY IS TO KEEP ALL OFFICES OPEN AND CLASSES MEETING AS SCHEDULED EXCEPT UNDER EXTRAORDINARY WEATHER CONDITIONS. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to alter the University schedule. All faculty, staff and students should note that announcements regarding cancellation of classes and closure of offices, or a delayed opening will normally be made by 6 a.m. The most up-to-date and complete information will be available from the UK website, the UK Infoline at 257-5684, UK TV cable channel 16, Digital Cable channel 219, student channel 49 and through the local news media.

For automatic phone or e-mail alerts regarding delays or closures, you may sign up for UK Alert (UK's emergency alert system). Additionally, individuals who have already signed up for UK Alert should update their accounts if their contact information has changed recently.

Plan B: Designated and Non-Designated Employees

Employees' responsibilities during Plan B events depend upon their status as either non-designated or designated employees.

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Non-designated employees should simply follow Plan B instructions distributed through the local media.

Designated employees (Plan B employees), on the other hand, must report to work on a normal schedule even in the event of an announced delay, closure or cancellation. To avoid confusion in such an event, it is important that designated employees clearly understand this expectation. Visit our Plan B FAQ page for a more detailed explanation of designated/non-designated employees, including those employees who are designated to work via remote access.

*** Please see also the official University statement regarding Plan B processes by clicking here. ***

Designated employees include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • All UK HealthCare employees (payroll area 1500), which includes all those working in hospitals, clinics, clinical departments of the College of Medicine and administrative units (except where indicated by the employee’s supervisor)
  • all Physical Plant Division (Medical Center and campus) employees
  • Food Service and Environmental Service employees working in UK HealthCare and student facilities
  • Information Technology employees such as telephone operators, Data Center operations staff, and designated network specialists.

Departments Should Communicate Plan B Expectations to Designated Employees

It is the responsibility of the unit administrator to designate and inform Plan B designated employees of their responsibilities in the event of a University emergency. We encourage you to remind any designated members of your team of their status (also notify new employees as well). Please keep in mind that designated employees reporting to work in non-health care areas during Plan B closures or delays will receive their regular rate of pay and receive an equivalent amount of time off with pay (to be taken within six weeks).

Campus supervisors can use this form to communicate Plan B status with employees.

Related Policy

For more details on University Emergency (Plan B) policy (HR Policy & Procedure 71.0), click here. If you have questions, please contact Employee Relations at 859-257-8758. 

*** Please see also the official University statement regarding Plan B processes by clicking here. ***