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UK Expects:

Regarding required pre-employment background checks (all areas)

  • During the application process, you are required to self-disclose any felony convictions or current felony charges. Failure to do so may result in your disqualification from future employment at the University of Kentucky.
  • Should you falsify your application by neglecting to disclose a criminal conviction or providing incorrect employment, licensure/certification or education information, you may be disqualified from employment for any position at the University of Kentucky permanently.

Regarding pre-employment drug screens (UK HealthCare areas):

  • You are required to complete the pre-employment drug screen process in a timely manner, with guidance from your hiring department and our Pre-Employment Screening Office.

What to expect from UK:

Regarding required pre-employment background checks (all areas)

  • Both your job application and your hiring area should make you aware that any offer of employment is contingent upon your undergoing a routine national criminal background check screening process. This process takes place automatically, and no action is required on your part. Should a national criminal background check reveal an adverse event—as determined by UK Human Resources—your employment offer may be withdrawn; consideration is given to recency as well as job-relatedness to the position you are being offered.
  • Once the background check process is complete (within 2-3 days), you will be notified by the hiring official regarding next steps. 
  • In the case of a background check that results in a job offer being withdrawn: Because such determinations are made on both job-relatedness (and recency) of past felony offences, this does not necessarily exclude you from other opportunities at the University of Kentucky. However, failure to disclose prior felonies during the application process may exclude you from employment for any position at the University of Kentucky.

Regarding required pre-employment drug screens (UK HealthCare areas)

  • You will be contacted (via a phone call or e-mail) by the Pre-employment Screening Office regarding paperwork necessary to complete a required drug screen. If you live outside central Kentucky - or unable to visit our office for this documentation - the forms can be e-mailed, faxed or shipped overnight to your location. The paperwork consists of a Disclosure and Approval Form, which gathers information otherwise not tracked by Human Resources.
  • Within several days of completing the actual drug screen, you will be notified by your UK hiring department regarding next steps.