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Supporting your employees

As a supervisor, you are uniquely positioned to support your employees in seeking assistance for their problems. A supervisor can provide resources to help support health and well-being for their employees. Our mental health therapists are available to assist supervisors, leaders and departments with voluntary referrals for assessment of mental health or substance abuse concerns in the workplace, consultation around work/life stress and assistance with identifying and assisting employees who may be experiencing domestic violence or another issue.

When should I request a consultation?

  • When you are feeling stressed, frustrated, helpless, disappointed or anxious when thinking about an employee’s work performance problems
  • When you observe changes in employee’s work performance that could be sudden or have developed over a period of time and may include increased errors, accidents or missed deadlines*
  • Employee’s absenteeism or attendance problems that may include frequent or increased tardiness*
  • Employee’s presenteeism (i.e., being at work but not “on the job”) *
  • Situations involving an employee’s difficulty with concentration or being confused*
  • Changes in an employee’s attitude, mood or appearance that could be sudden or have developed over a period of time*
  • Changes in an employee’s work relationships*
  • When an employee shares a personal problem with you*

*Note: Based on specific information shared during the consultation, some situations, including those specifically related to work performance, behavior and/or attendance concerns should be referred to Employee Relations for review.

To request a mental health supervisor or manager consultation, email Employee Mental Health.