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University SuperVision is the university's mandatory training when you start a position with the responsibility of supervising team members. Completed in multiple sessions over a six month period, University SuperVision can be completed through on demand web-based training as well as in-person or virtual instructor-led classes.

View the PDF chart of the University Supervision sessions.


Some University SuperVision classes are available via a traditional classroom. Participants will have the opportunity to interact and network with other University supervisors during these in-person sessions. NOTE: Currently all instructor-led courses are only being offered as virtual (VC) sessions until further notice.

Web-based Classes (WB)

Our self-paced, web-based University SuperVision classes allow participants to complete the training session from the convenience of their office, home, or any location where they have access to myUK Learning.  

When completing the WBTs associated with this program, it is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox as the web browser.  If you are using any Apple product, ensure you are NOT using Safari because it doesn’t work well with myUK Learning.  If you complete a WBT and do not immediately receive credit in the system, the following steps will help resolve the situation:

  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies.
  • Close the browser. 
  • Restart the PC. This will allow any computer updates to install and clear the temporary memory.
  • Reopen myUK Learning and the WBT. Proceed to the final slide and you should receive credit. If you don’t, send us an email at

Virtual Classroom (VC)

Our virtual University SuperVision classes allow participants to complete the training from the convenience of their office, home, or any location where they have a computer and speakers. These sessions are instructor led and scheduled for a specific day and time.

You will receive multiple myUK Learning emails (they may go to your Junk or Other folder) with reminders about any pre-work, meeting links and handouts.  You will also receive a calendar invite containing this information.  Please make sure you print any handouts and participant guide associated with the class.

Before the virtual session, please access this site to download the latest version of the Adobe Connect app.  You will have options for both Windows and Mac along with options for mobile.  This site will also provide troubleshooting tips for Adobe Connect.

Day of the virtual session:

  1. Locate either the calendar invite, the registration or reminder emails  you received from myUK Learning and click on the training link to access the virtual session.
  2. Close email and any additional applications you might have open on your PC. This helps keep other applications from interfering with the training session.
  3. Please begin the login in process approximately 5 - 10 minutes prior to the session’s start time. This will allow time for accessing the virtual meeting room.

If you have any questions about University SuperVision, please contact Donna Vanover or Tommy Leach via email at To learn more about the University SuperVision training program, you can also access the SuperVision program overview. In addition to completing the University SuperVision program, you must also complete UKHC Leadership Launch required by UK HealthCare.  If you have questions about those leadership training requirements, please contact Enterprise Learning.