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Listen as new host Jackie Carroll, a health coach with UK HR Health and Wellness, leads you through a short meditation for reflecting on your values. Each month, Jackie will guide you through a new meditation aimed at deepening the resilience practice offered by co-host Amy Rodquist-Kodet. 

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Introduction Jackie Carroll: [00:00:00] You're listening to Becoming Wildly Resilient, brought to you by University of Kentucky Human Resources Health and Wellness. Join us as we explore tools, practices, meditations and conversations with members of the UK community. Together, we will discover how we can thrive at work, home and beyond. 

Jackie Carroll: Hello. Welcome to the first meditation for Becoming Wildly Resilient. My name is Jackie Carroll, and I'm a health coach with UK Health Wellness. 

Our focus today is going to be on our values. So, the meditation practice hopefully will help you reclaim, remember or [00:01:00] refocus on your values. One of my favorite ways to think about values is wherever our priority is, wherever our focus is, that's where our values are. 

And so, I'm hoping that in today's meditation, you can use this as a practice today, or every day, if you need a constant reminder of what your values are and where you want to focus your attention in any moment.  

So, with that, join me in closing your eyes, settling into a comfortable, relaxed position. 

Of course, if you're driving, keep your eyes open. And just notice [00:02:00] the easy, relaxed feeling of breathing. 

Your inhale and your exhale. Not trying to change the rhythm of your breath. 

And even adding a gesture of kindness if this feels comfortable to you. You could place your hands on your heart as a way to bring your focus and your attention to your heart. 

And even as you're breathing with this intention and focus to the heart - like you're going to [00:03:00] the deepest place. Like your inner compass, your soul, whatever you would describe it as - because each of us have this place in us where we have arrived in what is important. 

Maybe you can feel it in your body, maybe you just know you know where it is. 

And then, settle there. Maybe even asking yourself, "What is most important to me?" 

Things like family, connection, [00:04:00] love, security. 

What comes up for you? 

Maybe several come at the same time. And if so, what comes to the top? The top of the list. 

If it's difficult to define all the values that you have, if you could just focus on one just for today, [00:05:00] get clear on what that is. 

If your hands are on your heart, maybe even repeat it a few times to yourself. 

And then, with that clarity, notice what's in your life that aligns perfectly with this value. And notice what doesn't. 

Without [00:06:00] judgment, allow yourself today to choose to be, to allow all your actions, your words, your dedication to be towards this one value that you've come up with today.  

And let go of negativity and judgment, and just allow this value to feed more values, so that when you look at your life, look at [00:07:00] this day, look at this moment, you know you're living true to yourself, to your values, and to what matters most to your heart. 

And the beauty is, when you do it for yourself, you offer up the space for others to do that too. 

So, take a nice, easy breath in. Maybe an audible exhale out. And when you're ready, gently let your eyes blink open and pause.

[00:08:00]  And then, blink a few more times to get back into the space around you. And start your day, or end your day, whenever you're listening, to getting closer to your values and to the meaning and purpose behind your life, because we all have one, and yours is significant. 

Thank you for listening. I wish you all a wonderful rest of your day and week. And, as always, take great care of yourself. 

Outro [Jackie Carroll]: Thank you for listening to Becoming Wildly Resilient.  

This podcast is brought to you by University of Kentucky [00:09:00] Human Resources Health and Wellness. We offer a wide range of online and in-person services to support the well-being of UK employees, retirees, and their spouses. You can find experts in mental health, personal resilience, nutrition, and physical activity. We're ready to meet you where you are and address your unique needs.  

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