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As a UK employee, you have access to many discounts offered exclusively to you. We're spotlighting several new deals as well as those with the biggest savings. 

1. Tuition discounts for you or your family member

We're proud to offer you the valuable benefit of education in any field of study at little cost to you or your family member. One person at a time can use this benefit:

  • If you use the Employee Education Program
    You can have your tuition, activity and application fees waived each semester for graduate or undergraduate courses, 6 to 8 hours per semester.
  • If your relative uses the Family Education Program
    It also benefits to be a UK spouse, child or a sponsored dependent. They'll receive tuition discounts up to 50% each semester for undergraduate classes. The exact percentage depends on how long you've been employed.

If you're interested in online courses, UK already offers 40+ degrees and certificates 100% online. Additionally, opportunities for distance learning continue to increase due to the pandemic. 

2. Savings on groceries, meat and produce

If you're interested in buying in bulk, look for savings using our new discount for a Sam's Club membership. The UK Butcher Shop also offers deals on bulk meat, and Critchfield Meats also offers a UK employee discount. If local and organic produce is your thing, consider becoming a Community Supported Agriculture member and save up to $200.

3. Discounted cell phone plan

Receive a percentage off your phone bill from one of six cell phone carriers offering discounts to UK employees. This includes a new perks program from T-Mobile.

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