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The HR Business Partners provide strategic HR guidance for assigned client groups to ensure effective planning and implementation of key initiatives that affect the workforce. They provide counsel to ensure consistent application and integration of policies, procedures and practices and develop best practices to align with each area’s unique needs. Our HR Business Partner teams report to our Associate Vice Presidents.

HR Business Partners are embedded within their customer units to provide HR support and guidance within the context of that particular business unit. They accomplish this by being knowledgeable of the various HR disciplines as well as understanding the experiences, expectations and needs of their customer units.

Some of the ways HR Business Partners support campus and UK HealthCare areas include:

  • Provide HR expertise in the management of projects.
  • Proactively identify and communicate support required to remove barriers and identify creative solutions.
  • Facilitate communication between leaders and Human Resources to promote alignment and understanding of objectives and goals.
  • Provide senior leaders with timely and relevant information to support strategic decision making.



Catie Lasley, AVP for HR Operations: (859) 257-9186

President's Areas
Crystal Gabbard, HR Business Partner Senior, President’s Areas: (859) 218-5427

Provost Areas
Bill Verble, HR Director HR Business Partners, Provost Area: (859) 323-1601
Dan Gier, HR Business Partner, Provost Areas: (859) 257-8954
Elizabeth Hillard, HR Business Partner, College of Medicine: (859) 218-2204

Jeff Sullivan, HR Business Partner Senior, Research: (859) 257-9630
Mieccia Samuels, HR Business Partner, Research: (859) 562-2989
Zachary York, HR Staffing Specialist, Research: (859) 218-2151

UK HealthCare

Ann Stone, HR Business Partner Senior, EVPHA Corporate Areas: (859) 323-1426
Jennifer Siguenza, HR Business Partner Senior, Nursing, Hospital Operations, Pharmacy, and UK HealthCare IT: (859) 257-1738
Reid Connelly, HR Business Partner Senior, Ambulatory and Medical Group: (859) 323-6800
Alley Schwendeman, HR Business Partner, Hospital Operations, Pharmacy and UK HealthCare IT: (859) 562-2539
Lauren Burgess, HR Business Partner, Nursing: (859) 323-3840
Shyla Epling,  HR Staffing Specialist, EVPHA Corporate Area: (859) 562-2162
Camille Chenault, HR Staffing Specialist, UK HealthCare IT: (859) 562-2151
Brian Coyne, HR Staffing Specialist, Nursing: (859) 562-2542
Shannon Harris, HR Staffing Specialist, Ambulatory and Medical Group: (859) 562-0588
Demita Stevenson, HR Staffing Specialist, Nursing: (859) 323-5285
Ariel Lucas, HR Staffing Specialist, Hospital Operations and Pharmacy: (859) 562-2151
Michael Millett, HR Staffing Specialist, Ambulatory and Medical Group: (859) 562-2540
Michelle Roy, HR Staffing Specialist, Nursing: (859) 562-2541