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Sometimes, a position may evolve in the work performed or level of responsibility. A staff position may be re-evaluated when there has been a significant change in the required skills and responsibilities.

However, the following reasons are not justifications for re-evaluating a position:

  • Pending job offer
  • Exceptional qualifications of an employee
  • Employee personality
  • Scarcity of new employees
  • Financial need
  • Relative efficiency
  • Volume of work
  • Length of service
  • Unusual diligence or overtime
  • Changes in the position’s full-time equivalency (such as 0.5 to 1.0)

To re-evaluate a staff position, a compensation consultant from HR Compensation may conduct an in-person or telephone interview with the department administrator, budget officer or supervisor of the position. The compensation consultant will also review the job description, interview notes and other supporting data, taking into consideration:

  • Scope and breadth of the position’s function
  • Level and impact of decision-making authority
  • Reporting structure above and below the position

The compensation consultant will also compare the previous written position description, other positions of similar duties and positions of similar scope and responsibility within the department or across the university.

The consultant will then determine the appropriate grade and title for the position. A position may stay at its current classification or be re-evaluated to a different title and grade.



HR Compensation helps ensure consistent classification of positions across the university and can determine whether a staff position should be re-evaluated.

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