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When you begin a position at UK with supervisory responsibilities, we'll assign you to complete University SuperVision.

You can complete the University SuperVision program via on-demand web-based trainings at any time and by attending scheduled, instructor led sessions, in-person or virtually.

All University SuperVison topics should be completed within 180 days of hire date or position update in SAP.

View University SuperVision topics and delivery methods

If University SuperVision hasn't been assigned to you in myUK Learning or if you are interested in completing the University SuperVision program, please email

Start University SuperVision when assigned

You’ll receive an email with these steps:

  1. Log in to myUK, access myUK Learning and then click Learning.
  2. Click View Program in your My Learning Assignments.
  3. Launch a web-based training on demand by clicking the course title.
  4. To attend a scheduled instructor-led session (in-person or virtually), click Register Now to see delivery dates and times.