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Once your preferred candidate has accepted your offer and passed any required pre-employment screening, you’ll next need to place them on payroll.

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form

The I-9 packet must be completed in person at the HR Employment front desk in Scovell Hall. You will need to communicate with all new hires – staff, faculty and students – that they will need to schedule an appointment before visiting Scovell Hall. To assist with this messaging, click here to view an email template to advise new hires on how to schedule their visit and what documents are required.

I-9 process overview:

  1. New hire will use the scheduling tool to make an appointment to come to Scovell Hall to complete the I-9 form.
  2. HR Employment will complete the I-9 form with the new hire in person, then send an encrypted digital copy of the I-9 to the hiring department contact.
  3. HR Employment will provide the original I-9 form directly to HR Compensation on behalf of the hiring department.
  4. HR Compensation will process the new hire paperwork once the Payroll Authorization Record is entered in SAP.

I-9 scheduler

In special circumstance, a remote I-9 will need to be coordinated. Please click here to access the request form.

Create new hire record in SAP

Once the I-9 form is completed, your budget officer or UK HealthCare Workforce Management will use the I-9 packet to enter the new hire into SAP. This step will allow your new hire to be placed on payroll. It will also generate the new hire's linkblue ID.

Once they have a linkblue ID, the new hire can access myUK to complete their W-4 tax form and enter their direct deposit information.

Setting new hire up for success

It is important to prepare for your new hire's first day, week and month to ensure they have the resources to be successful.

You will want to consider work space, equipment, system access, training plans and general orientation to position, department and the university.

For staff and faculty, be sure to provide the links to the employee handbook.