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HR Policy and Procedure #73: Jury Duty Revised December 8, 2016

Purpose: Any employee who is called for jury duty shall be granted time off to fulfill this responsibility.


  1. A regular employee, with a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.5 or greater, will be granted time off with pay for jury duty.
  2. An employee called to jury duty must submit a copy of the call to jury duty to the supervisor or department head as soon as possible.
  3. Upon completing jury duty, the employee shall report to work at the beginning of the next scheduled work period. If jury duty does not require the full work period, the employee shall report to work upon completing jury duty for that day, with travel time consideration.
  4. An employee receiving jury duty pay from the court is entitled to keep that pay.


The department head is responsible for receiving the copy of the call for jury duty and scheduling the employee’s time off.