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Revision date of this archived policy: July 11, 2002

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18.1 Policy

A staff employee may be employed outside the University as long as the employee adheres to the following requirements:

  18.1.1 The hours of outside employment shall not coincide or conflict with hours of scheduled work at the University in any normal work week.
  18.1.2 The outside employment shall not conflict with job responsibilities or affect ability to perform satisfactorily at the University in any normal work week.
  18.1.3 The outside employment shall not cause a staff employee to arrive late for, or leave early from, a scheduled shift or work hours in the University job.
  18.1.4 The outside employment shall not constitute a conflict with University interests. Should an unanticipated conflict of interest result from the outside employment, the Director of Human Resource Services, or designee, in conjunction with the supervisor shall, upon learning of such conflict, instruct the staff employee to terminate the outside employment. Failure to cease the outside employment as directed may be grounds for involuntary separation from University employment (see HRP&P 62.0).
  18.1.5 A staff employee may perform outside employment while on vacation, holiday, or special leave as long as the outside employment does not constitute a conflict of interest.
18.2 Delegation

Adherence with this policy is the responsibility of the staff employee who seeks outside employment; however, it is recommended that the department head be advised by the employee of the outside employment.

18.3 Procedure

When a supervisor has reason to believe that an employee's outside employment is in violation of this policy, the supervisor shall immediately consult with the Director of Human Resource Services, or designee.