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It’s only December, why are we thinking of New Year’s resolutions already? Because, as we move through the holidays, we tend to give our selves permission to have more unhealthy habits than usual knowing that we will “get back on the wagon” in January.

Though the beginning of any new season or cycle is a natural time to start a new goal, we often get sucked into the mentality of “cheat now, pay later.” We are a culture of instant gratification. So, get rid of your New Year’s Resolution and we will get rid of the instant gratification mentality along with it. Use "bite-sized" goals to feel successful and really make a difference.

Try this instead…

When your day didn’t go like you planned and your exercise time got thwarted…Do a 10- or 20-minute workout. You can find some herehere and here.

Every little bit counts!

When you feel sad, disconnected or alone…grab a friend, even if it’s on the phone, and go for a walk. Physical activity improves mood.

Accountability - we are stronger together!

When you don’t know what to do because you don’t have access to any equipment…try this! Dumbbells, kettlebells, bars not required!

Use what you have!

So, instead of finding an excuse, remember that every little bit of exercise counts, accountability can mean the difference is doing it and not doing it, and there is no special equipment required!

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