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So, you are familiar with the leave and benefits we offer to new UK parents, but what does the timeline look like when preparing for leave?

1. Determine the length and timing of your leave

2. Find child care - these programs are often on a 9-10 month waiting list. If you are interested, we encourage you to talk to the directors as early as possible.

3. If you are a UK health plan member, check out the Building Healthy Families program offered by Anthem. Learn more.

4. Talk with your department chair/director or supervisor

At least 30 days in advance of your leave date talk with your supervisor to review the process for Family Medical Leave, fill out the paperwork and confirm your leave start date.

5. Review and plan to update your benefits

6. Learn about resources for breastfeeding and lactation

7. Within 30 days of welcoming your new child, be sure to update your benefits