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1. What is the process to participate in the Employee Education Program (EEP)

You need to go through the same processes as other students as far as applying for admissions and registering for classes. Once admitted, the Registrar will assign a registration window for you to register for classes. Once you register for classes, you will need to turn in the Employee Education Program (EEP) tuition waiver form. The tuition waiver can be up to six credit hours per semester and 18 per academic year. Classes must be taken for a grade, audited classes are not eligible.

2. Can UK employees have the application fee waived if attending UK?

Yes, UK employees may have their undergraduate admission application fee waived. Once an application is received, the employee only needs to submit a copy of the UKID card in order to receive the fee waiver. Questions may be sent to or 859-257-2000.

3. Are tuition waivers subject to tax?

Up to a value of $5,250, no, but graduate level waivers in excess of $5,250 per calendar year are subject to taxation. The graduate tuition waived in excess of $5,250 per calendar year will be split between the remaining pay periods in the year to be reported through the employee’s payroll as (imputed) income which increases their gross wages. Payroll taxes are calculated based on the gross wages. The payroll taxes are unique to each employee based on their gross wages, how many exceptions they claim on their W-4, tax-sheltered benefits, etc.

4. At which schools may I utilize the Employee Education Program?

The Employee Education Program applies only to classes taken by UK employees at UK.

If you were employed with UK and had applied to or enrolled in another Kentucky public institution by April 26, 2018, you remain eligible for a tuition waiver at the following institutions: KCTCS institutions (i.e. Community and Technical Colleges), Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Northern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University, the University of Louisville or Murray State University.. 

5. What is the maximum number of hours I can take per semester?

The policy has been amended to allow an increase from six hours to a maximum of eight hours per semester, if between two classes. This means that if you are taking two four-hour classes, you are eligible to have your tuition waived for the entire eight hours. These eight hours will be deducted from your total of 18 hours for the academic year, leaving you a total of 10 hours for the remainder of the academic year. If you are unsure of the number of hours you are available, please contact the EEP program administrator. This affects only University of Kentucky employees attending classes at the University of Kentucky. If you do not meet the qualifications for the exception, only six hours of tuition per semester will be waived.

6. What semesters can I use the EEP waiver?

You can use the tuition waiver for Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer I and Summer II terms. Please note that Winter Intersession classes are considered part of the Spring Semester (at UK) and the waiver cannot exceed the maximum hours eligible. Also, Summer I and Summer II terms are considered one semester and the waiver cannot exceed the maximum hours eligible.

7. Why am I being billed graduate level tuition if the course is undergraduate level?

The amount of tuition you are billed takes into account how you are registered as a student instead of the level of the course.

8. Can I take online or distance learning courses with the tuition waiver?

Yes, if the courses are taken at UK. The class must still be for college credit. Certification and audited courses are not eligible through the EEP.

9. Why didn't the waiver cover all of the fees related to my class?

Some University of Kentucky classes have fees that are not eligible to be covered by the tuition waiver. If you are unsure whether all of your fees will be covered, please contact the EEP administrator.

10. Can I take Independent Study courses under the EEP?

Yes. Independent Study courses are eligible for the tuition waiver but please be aware that the Independent Study program has separate deadlines that must be adhered to. Please contact Independent Study for registration windows and deadlines.

11. Can my dependent use my tuition waiver if I am not using it?

Yes. If you are NOT currently utilizing EEP your eligible dependent may elect to participate in the Family Education Program (FEP) to receive a tuition discount based on your years of consecutive regular full-time service at U.K.

12. If I don't take any classes in one semester, can I take more than six credit hours the next semester to make up for it?

No. Unused credit hours do not carry over to other semesters.

13. If I drop a class after the semester has begun, will I be responsible for payment?

Maybe. You will only be required to pay for the non-refunded portion of the class if EEP has already waived six hours of tuition for that semester. For example: If you had six hours of courses at UK total and dropped one mid semester, you would not be responsible for paying for the class that you dropped. If you had six hours of courses at UK and dropped one after the deadline to get a full refund but picked another course up to take in its place, you would be responsible for paying for the un-refunded portion of the class that you dropped because EEP would be waiving the other six hours that you were enrolled in that semester. It is now required that you submit an amended form if you drop or add any classes. The amended form should include the date the class was dropped or added. Please also include all classes you are registered for so the total number of credit hours you are requesting to have waived is clear. Without this notification adjustments cannot be made to your account.

14. If I terminate employment with UK prior to the end of the semester, will I be required to pay for the classes that I had waived through the EEP for that semester?

No. As long as you are an eligible employee on the first day of classes, EEP funding will not be removed from your account.

15. When should I submit my tuition waiver form?

An EEP form should be submitted to the Employee Benefits Office once registration is complete. If any changes are made to the class schedule an amended form should be submitted indicating the changes that have been made. For example, if dropping a class, re-fax a copy of the original form marking through the class being dropped and indicating to the side what has been done. For further inquiries about changes in class information please contact the EEP & FEP administrator at 859-257-8772. Forms may be submitted via fax at 859-323-8494 or in person at 115 Scovell Hall.

16. What should I do if I am attending two or more different schools in the same semester?

A separate EEP form should be submitted for each school you are attending. A maximum of six hours total can be waived between the schools for that semester.