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Helping you understand retirement

Your years of service helps determine your eligibility to retire and receive benefits
When you’ve determined you’re financially and personally ready for retirement, it’s time to talk to a retirement officer. We’ll help you understand UK retirement rules, when you’ll be eligible to retire, what benefits you’ll receive and the steps to give your notice.
Typically, employees meet with us once or twice depending on their timeline and questions. For example, if you’re already eligible and ready to give notice, we can quickly process your retirement. Or, if you’re in the early planning stages, we can address all of your questions by showing you different scenarios for health insurance if you retire sooner or later.
Contact us and we’ll start by checking your eligibility for retirement in addition to retiree benefits and outline the next steps in the process.

Years of service

This refers to the official number of regular, full-time equivalent years you were employed by the university.
Depending on circumstances including full-time equivalency and position status, your official years of service number may or may not be equivalent to the number of calendar years you were employed with us.

We’re here to answer your questions

As UK retirement officers, we have information for you about policy, benefits eligibility, and the process to retire in good standing.

When can you retire?

There’s no set retirement age at UK. While normal retirement is considered age 65, early and phased retirement options may be possible depending on your years of service and your department’s approval.

What happens to benefits?

We offer several benefits to all retirees including opportunities for learning and well-being. Health, dental and vision insurance depends on eligibility which is based on your years of service, hire date and more factors.

What is the process?

When you have selected a date to retire, a written notice of your intent to retire is required to leave in good standing. Staff should provide a 90-day notice if less than age 65 or 30-day notice if age 65 or older. Faculty should provide one semester notice.

Get in touch with a retirement officer

We’re a team of three specialists dedicated to supporting you.

Ask for a service check

If you are age 65+, you are automatically eligible for normal retirement. If you are looking to retire early and have 15 years of continuous service we can check your years of service so you know when you’re eligible to retire. This is the first step.


Follow up with us

Find the retirement officer you spoke with to follow up with any additional questions.

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Because eligibility to retire and receive retiree benefits involves many factors, employees must meet with a retirement officer to calculate their eligibility with a years of service check.

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