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  1. Log in to the myUK MSS portal, located at If you need assistance, review these instructions for logging in.
  2. To access the "Manager Self-Service" feature, first click on the "Manager Self-Service" menu item. 
  3. Supervisors can delegate access to their tasks time via the Work Overview Page link.
  4. The Work Overview Page link opens the Universal Worklist.  If a supervisor would like to delegate tasks to another employee, they can click on the small box next to the Show Filters link, and chooseManage Substitution Rules:
  5. The “Manage Substitution Rules” feature allows supervisors to create a “rule” that substitutes someone else for their tasks. Click the Create Rule button:
  6. Enter the name of the employee to be designated as the substitute and click the Select button. The employee’s name should display in the Search box. Highlight the name and click Apply when the correct employee is found. 
  7. Next, choose All  from the dropdown for Assign These Tasks. Supervisors may choose for the employee to “Receive My Tasks” or “Fill in for Me”. Click the Next button:
  8. Choose whether to enable the rule at once, on a specific date, or create the rule but leave it turned off until a later time. Click Save:
  9. The Manage Substitution Rules screen will now show the substitution rule created. When the substitution rule is no longer needed, supervisors can end the rule by clicking the Turn Off button. This allows the employee to remain in the rule set for future use. Supervisors can also delete the substitution completely by clicking the Delete button:
  10. When the designated employee accesses the Universal Worklist/Manage Substitution Rules, he or she must choose to accept the supervisor's tasks. To do so, the employee will click the Take Over button:
  11. Once accepted, employees have the choice of working on their own items, on items on behalf of the supervisor, or all items:
  12. After choosing "Items on Behalf" or "All Items" the supervisor's tasks will show in the Universal Worklist, and the employee can proceed with these items.

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