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Enterprise Learning has adopted a best-practice model in leader development—Assess, Challenge, Support. The model is a continual process and requires active engagement of both the Enterprise, to provide development opportunities (i.e. assessments, programs, continuous education, and other services), and of the individual leader to own their growth.


My Pathway: Leadership Core An online platform designed to bring out the human side of leadership. Individuals complete a 10-minute self-assessment and immediately get a profile of their personality and confidence in skills. Based upon their results, individuals receive personalized, self-paced content to effectively address their most relevant leadership needs.
For platform access information, please contact Enterprise Learning.
Just-in-Time Digital Learning Enterprise Learning offers a large selection of digital learning modules, varying in length and leadership topics, to provide skills in leading self and others. Some of these “microcourses” can be completed in as little as 7 minutes and all modules can be repeated an unlimited number of times. Their accessibility and on-demand nature make these easy development opportunities to insert into your busy schedules.
For the most up-to-date list of digital learning modules, please contact Enterprise Learning.
UKHC New Leader Academy Programmatic offering provides a unique foundational learning and development opportunity designed to meet the needs of new leaders. All new leaders are required to attend this training and should be completed in the next available offering after becoming a supervisor. UK HealthCare New Leader Academy is a three and a half day course, offered quarterly, that covers a broad range of topics. Essential Enterprise information, ranging from our values (Living DIReCT) to a leadership spin on important regulatory topics (e.g., safety, risk, and accreditation) are included. The primary focus, though, is providing critical leadership development content essential to being an effective leader at UK HealthCare (e.g., communication, coaching, and change management). Additionally, you will have a chance to connect with a cohort of new leaders across the UK HealthCare enterprise as you begin your UKHC leadership journey. This program is also open to interested College of Medicine faculty.

To register for New Leader Academy, search for ‘UK HealthCare New Leader Academy’ in myUK Learning and sign up for the next available training session.

Provider Emerging Leader Program (PELP) Programmatic offering specific to the needs of physicians and APPs, this 6-month program equips providers with interest in personal and professional growth with a core set of skills for organizational success. Topics are facilitated by UK HealthCare’s Enterprise Learning team, in coordination with other leaders across the enterprise. In addition to six interactive sessions, participants will also be provided supplemental virtual learning opportunities each month.

For more information on the application process, please contact Enterprise Learning.

GME Emerging Leaders Programmatic offering to equip chief medicine residents with foundational skills to lead their teams. This program is 6-months in length, in partnership with GME and the College of Medicine. A variety of personal and professional leadership topics are facilitated by UK HealthCare’s Enterprise Learning team, in coordination with other leaders across the enterprise. In addition to six interactive sessions, participants will also be provided supplemental virtual learning opportunities each month.

For more information on the application process, please contact Enterprise Learning.


Leadership Coaching We define coaching as a confidential, supportive relationship designed around the needs of the coachee. With a development approach, candid one-on-one conversations are held to stimulate the coachee to a greater awareness, deeper and broader thought process, and ultimately move towards greater effectiveness and overall fulfillment.  Results may come in the way of achieving an individual or organizational goal, making a behavioral shift, and igniting individual growth to fuel desired outcomes. Simply put, coaching is a partnership that serves to maximize human potential.

Our Enterprise Learning team has been developed to provide internal coaching services to faculty and staff. All are, at minimum, master’s prepared in education, completed extensive formal coaching training, and have been certified by the International Coaching Federation. We also utilize external coaching services when needed.

For more information on coaching, please contact Enterprise Learning.

Assessments Enterprise Learning utilizes a variety of different personality and leadership assessments in our programmatic offerings, coaching services, as well as other OD interventions. These assessments are intended for building awareness and facilitating growth and development. Some of the assessments used include:

  • Extended DISC
  • CliftonStrengths
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Hogan Leadership Series
  • Benchmark for Managers (360 Feedback Assessment)

For more information on intent, availability, and pricing of assessments, please contact Enterprise Learning.

Change Management Consulting Leaders are often tasked with leading change amongst teams. Change management is defined as the “people-side of change”, which in turn can often make managing change one of the bigger challenges a leader faces. As certified change management practitioners, Enterprise Learning is available to partner and support leaders in their change efforts.
For more information on our change management consulting, please contact Enterprise Learning.


Quarterly Leadership Development Sessions A series of continuous learning opportunities designed to build specific skills and competencies within leadership to support strategic and organizational needs. Three quarterly sessions are offered, per year, for our staff and provider leaders throughout UKHC, which includes Eastern State Hospital leaders, Advance Practice Provider leaders, and College of Medicine Chairs, Chiefs, and Medical Directors. Upcoming topics are mass communicated directly to leaders via email. Future topics are determined based upon leader feedback and organizational trends.

For more information on our quarterly leadership development sessions and to ensure you receive notification about all future offerings, please contact Enterprise Learning.

Leadership Excellence Acceleration Development Program (LEAD) 10-month, feedback intensive program designed to support UKHC faculty and staff leaders who desire growth and development within their current roles. The LEAD Program aims to develop a core set of leadership competencies to increase effectiveness at leading self, others, and the organizations.

For more information on the LEAD Program or the application process, please contact Enterprise Learning.


Talent Management Program (TM) 12-month program focused on cultivating internal, high potential talent for mission critical roles throughout the organization. Includes annual analysis of position attrition and potential future successors. The TM Program aims to help participants refine existing skills, and develop higher-level leadership capabilities.

For more information on the TM Program or the nomination process, please contact Enterprise Learning.

For additional leadership development opportunities, please visit the HR Training & Development page.