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One-on-One Training:

Required for Regular Staff Hires (Position Description + Posting)

These instructor-led sessions are intended to familiarize users with the hiring process for regular staff positions within campus and healthcare (UKHC Position Management users).  Topics include:

  • Entering Position Descriptions (online JAQ)
  • Posting Positions
  • Reviewing Applications
  • Submitting a Hiring Proposal (formerly called the Salary Recommendation Form)
  • Requesting Pre-employment Screenings
  • Entering Disposition / Turndown Reasons

Request an IES user account here to start the process. We will contact you to schedule training once we receive the request.

Please login with your UK linkblue information to access the IES User Account Request form.

This webform allows you to request a User Account for the Integrated Employment System (IES). 

In order to approve accounts you will need to:

  • Complete and submit this User Account Request Form below
  • Complete required training

User Accounts will also require approval from your assigned Budget Officer. You will be notified as soon as your request has been processed.