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How It Works

Employees have the opportunity to convert part of their accumulated temporary disability leave (TDL, also known as "sick time") to vacation leave during the month of April each year.

For regular full-time employees:
Any regular full-time staff employee who has an accrued TDL leave balance of 69 days or more may convert TDL days into one, two, three, or four days of vacation leave (VL) at a conversion rate of three TDL days for one VL day. Full-time employees must retain a minimum balance of 66 TDL days to be eligible for this conversion option. Bonus VL day for employees with perfect attendance: If an employee converts 12 TDL days to four VL days and has had perfect attendance during the previous 12 months, he/she will be granted a fifth vacation day at the time of conversion.

For regular employees working less than full time:
For employees working less than full time: For a staff employee who works in a regular position with a full-time equivalent of 0.5 FTE (50%) or greater, conversion is available if the employee has TDL accrual which is a pro rata equivalent to 69 days. Employees must retain a balance of at least 66 days (or the prorated equivalent) of accrued TDL leave after conversion.


How to convert Temporary Disability Leave (TDL) to Vacation Leave

  1. Log on to myUK.
  2. On the Employee Self Service tab, click Working Time and Leave Requests.
  3. Click the TDL to Vacation Leave Conversion link.


  4. The TDL conversion form will open. 
  5. Enter your total number of TDL days accrued, followed by the the number of TDL days you wish to exchange for vacation leave. If you have not used any TDL days over the past year, note that on the form as well. This will qualify you for an additional vacation day. Then, enter the number of vacation days to be received and the number of TDL days you will have remaining after the conversion.
  6. Electronically sign the form (electronic signature instructions will display) and click the Save and Submit button to complete the process. The new vacation days will be available on June 1, which is when you will see it listed on your Leave Balance statement.

For help with completing the form, contact