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We are pleased to introduce the following calculators to help you better understand the rate at which you earn vacation, temporary disability leave, and holiday. Please note: These calculators are intended for regular staff employees with a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.5 or greater.


The Vacation Leave and Temporary Disability Leave calculators are designed to help you estimate the vacation leave and temporary disability leave you currently accrue each pay period. The Holiday calculator is designed to help you estimate the number of hours of holiday you receive for each University paid holiday. While we put every effort towards their accuracy, calculations are still subject to official interpretation. While these calculators have been developed to provide as accurate an estimate as possible, it is not an official leave accrual statement. The calculator is for your personal estimation only.

For information regarding University Policy go to:
Vacation Leave
Temporary Disability Leave
Holiday Leave

Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible, then click "calculate" at the bottom of the form to view your results.

1. Which type of employee are you? (For purposes of this calculation, Medical Technologists and RNs should choose "salaried (exempt)".)
salaried (exempt)
hourly (non-exempt)

2. How often are you paid?

3. Please select your years of total service as a regular staff employee (0.5 FTE and above) at UK. Be aware that rounding up will yield incorrect calculations. Your accuracy here determines the accuracy of the final calculation.


4. Please select the number of hours that you work each week.




Vacation Accrual:

  • Accrual rate per month: hours
  • Accrual rate per year: hours
  • Accrual rate per year: days

Sick (TDL) Leave Accrual:

  • Accrual rate per month: hours
  • Accrual rate per year: hours
  • Accrual rate per year: days

Holiday Leave:

  • Rate: hours of holiday received for each University paid holiday